Best Washing Machine For Farm Clothes  

Life on the farm pretty much guarantees a day spent in the dirt, in the muck and the mud, and working on farm equipment and implements that are often covered in rust, grease, and all kinds of “goo”. When you’re working on a farm you’re going to get pretty dirty pretty consistently, day in and … Read more

Best Washing Machine For Eczema  

One of the best ways to better control and calm down eczema is to make sure that your laundry is helping your fight back against skin irritation rather than inflame it. A big part of that is investing in quality detergents designed to resolve eczema issues, but another major piece of the puzzle is buying … Read more

Do Washing Machines Reuse Water?

According to the EPA, over 40 states could experience water shortages by 2024. There has never been a greater need to conserve water. Do washing machines reuse water?  Washing machines do not reuse their water. The water from your washing machine is disposed of after cleansing your laundry. Washing machine water can be captured and … Read more

3 Best Washing Machine For The Elderly

This post is for you if you’re seeking a primary washing machine for older adults. Here are the best models with clear dashboard icons, easy-to-use features, and simple controls. It’s still up to you to educate yourself about the possibilities and select your top pick. The best washing machines for the elderly are: LG WT7305CV … Read more

Do Washing Machines Shrink Clothes?

One of the most frustrating parts of doing laundry is having your favorite clothes ruined by your machines. Most think that dryers are solely responsible for shrinking our clothes, but do washing machines shrink clothes too? Washing machines can shrink clothes if you aren’t setting up your washing machine according to the clothing you’re washing. … Read more

Do Washing Machines Use Gas?

People are frequently astonished when they learn how washing machines utilize gas for the first time. Early in 1920, Maytag introduced gas-powered washing machines. Machines that run on gas were created for locations without access to electricity. However, technological advances led to replacing gas-powered washing machines with electric models. Every county now has electric washers, … Read more

Do Washing Machines Get Rid Of Pet Hair?

Owning pets that shed can cause your home and furniture to become covered in pet hair. It will also cling to your clothing and sheets. Do washing machines get rid of pet hair?  Washing machines remove some pet hair but it’s wise to remove the majority before putting it into the washer. Pet hair can … Read more

Do Washing Machines Need Hot Water?

Modern washing machines claim they can help the environment and save you money at the same time. Cold water washing is the latest eco-friendly trend. Do washing machines need hot water?  No, Modern washing machines are being designed to just run on cold water. Some new washers only require a cold water inlet and do … Read more

Do Washing Machines Get Moldy?

If you ever wondered how to keep your washing machine clean, how to avoid it getting moldy and how to ensure that it lasts a long time then you’ll want to know whether or not it can get moldy and what to do about it. Yes, your washing machine can get mold and not only … Read more