Best Portable Washing Machine

After in-depth testing and review, we’re proud to present our top choice (along with the best budget buy) for portable washing machines!

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable and efficient portable washer, look no further and read on to discover the various features as well as the pros and cons of our best pick.

Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer – Our Top Choice

Product Highlights

The most significant plus point of the Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer is the fact that it is compact, lightweight, extremely easy to use, and can manage up to 15.5 lbs in one wash.

Another benefit we particularly liked was that this washing machine requires little supervision and input and makes minimal noise (around 42 dB) thanks to its powerful motor.


  • Fully automatic 2-in-1 washer and dryer with a maximum washing capacity of up to 7kg and drying capacity of 3.5kg
  • Portable and lightweight—easy to install in dormitories, RVs, small apartments and on balconies
  • 10 different washing programs and 8 water levels that give precise control over washing time and the amount of water used

What’s to Like 

The top feature that we like about this Full-Automatic Portable Washer is its compact and portable design that allows it to fit just about anywhere—no matter how tiny your living space is.

The installation of the machine is pretty straightforward as well, and it comes with a faucet adapter to fit the water inlet properly and prevent water leakage.

It also hosts a surprisingly large 7kg washer capacity, and its 10 different washing modes give you lots of control over the sort of wash you want (depending on the type and amount of clothing) as well as the exact time duration.

Suffice it to say, this small, portable machine comes packed with a lot of features and a powerful motor that makes it quick, noiseless, and efficient.

The overall design is pretty neat and the LED display along with the transparent top adds to its look and functionality.

The tub is made out of stainless steel and the machine is equipped with a built-in filter to trap minute dirt particles and give the clothes a thorough clean.

The fact that it has a dual function as a dryer makes it all the more useful and saves tons of time.

What’s Not to Like 

The Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer has had a few reports by customers of not connecting to the water inlet properly or having drainage issues—but that also majorly depends on how and where the machine is installed.

It is also a tad bit on the pricier side, although we think the number of features you get justifies the price tag.

Pros & Cons



Portable, compact and easy to install and operate

Slightly expensive

Functions as a 2-in-1 washer and dryer with a large capacity

Some consumer reports of leakage and improper drainage (although that depends on installation and usage)

Makes less noise as compared to other washing machines


Has 10 different washing programs to choose from and 8 water levels


Best Budget-friendly Alternative – SUPER DEAL Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Product Highlights

Retailing for around $160 on Amazon, this SUPER DEAL washing machine is our pick for best budget buy.

Not only is it almost half the price of the Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer, but it also boasts a surprising array of functions in a super compact body.


  • Has twin tubs allowing you to wash and dry clothes at the same time (total capacity 13 lbs)
  • Is equipped with a powerful 1300RPM motor 
  • Easy to operate

What We Like 

Along with the portable and compact design, the biggest positive this washer has to offer is the affordability and high range of functions even at this price point.

It has 5 different washing times, 3 washing modes and 5 spinner times to choose from according to your washing load.

The quality of the machine is pretty decent and it works efficiently.

What We Don’t Like 

This washing machine has low capacity (washer capacity 8 lbs and dryer capacity 5 lbs) that allows you to wash and dry only a few shirts and pants at a time.

It also does not come with a faucet adapter.

Pros & Cons




Low capacity

Good functionality with different washing modes and times

Does not come with a faucet adapter

Compact and portable design


What to Look for When Buying a Portable Washing Machine?

The topmost things to consider when buying a portable washing machine are your budget, usage, space and the number of functions you want.

If you want a relatively heavy-duty washer, splurge a little and opt for one that has a high capacity and an efficient motor that can handle the load.

On the other hand, if you know you will be using it infrequently with light loads, a machine that is comparatively cheaper, smaller and has limited functions will do.

Final Verdict -The Best Portable Washing Machine

The Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer has garnered thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and other popular shopping sites, and with its wide range of features, it is without doubt one of the top portable washing machines out there. Click here to buy now!


Does the Nictemaw Portable Washer come with a drain hose?

Yes! It comes with both a drain hose and a faucet adapter.