Best Washing Machine for Cloth Diapers

As a new parent, you have enough going on with having to worry about washing your cloth diapers by hand.

You can quickly put them into a washing machine that will do the work for you.

But what’s the best washing machine for cleaning your cloth diapers? 

Our top 3 picks are:

  1. LG WM3998HBA
  2. Speed Queen TC5000WN
  3. Electrolux EFLS627UTT

Let’s go through each washing machine in detail so you can pick which will fit your needs.

1) LG WM3998HBA


Probably one of the best things about this washer is that it is both a washer and a dryer, which means you only have one machine to do all your cleaning needs.

It also has 6Motion technology which uses six different ways of cleaning close, allowing the machine to gently stain. 


  • 4.5 cu. ft.
  • Steam clean and allergen cycle
  • TurboWash and 6Motion Technology

What We Like About the LG WM3998HBA

This washer connects to not only an app on your phone but is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means that you can start a load of laundry on the go or while you’re doing other things in your house.

This is excellent for a busy parent since you can rinse your diapers, throw them in the washer, and start a load when ready. 

What We Don’t Like About It

This washer is pretty big, so it might not be the best choice unless you have the space. It also has a quick dry feature that doesn’t seem to work a lot of the time. 

2) Speed Queen TC5000WN


This is a very basic washer, but this is probably one of the best parts of this machine.

It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy bells and whistles and focuses more on doing the one thing it is supposed to do: get your clothes clean.

Speed Queen is also known for its longevity which means you can buy one and keep it for many years without any hassle. 


  • Extra rinse with presoak cycle
  • Durable stainless steel tub
  • 3.2 cu. ft.

What We Like About the Speed Queen TC5000WN

This winter has some of the best features end its cleaning options when you get your cloth diapers clean.

One is the extra rinse with presoaked, which means that not only are you going to be able to delete some of those stains for washing, but you’re also going to make sure that any detergent or irritants are out of the diapers before putting on your baby

What We Don’t Like About It

While you may like the simplicity of this machine, it can also be its downfall.

It doesn’t have a lot of specific settings, and it doesn’t have connectivity with other devices.

This washer isn’t energy star-certified, so it isn’t great at conserving energy.

3) Electrolux EFLS627UTT


This is the most water and energy-efficient machine on this list. This means it will ensure that your cloth diapers get clean while saving you money on your bills.

It’s also a smaller machine which means it’s more practical for limited living space.


  • Nine wash programs
  • Interior lighting
  • Automatic water-level adjustment

What We Like About the Electrolux EFLS627UTT

This is a front-loading machine to its advantage because it gives his title instead of an agitator like a top-loader.

The pedals are better because it means that you are going to put as much we’re on fabric diapers, ensuring that you can use them for much longer. 

What We Don’t Like About It

One thing to keep in mind but this machine is that customer service isn’t always the best. Some people have said that they’re unresponsive, so there is an issue you may be on your own. 


Do you need an agitator for cloth diapers?

You don’t need a washing machine with an agitator to clean your cloth diapers. If you have a front load machine that doesn’t have an agitator, then the machine will have its technology for ensuring that the clothes get clean. 

Can you wash cloth diapers in washing machine?

You can wash cloth diapers in a washing machine, but you will want to mix them with other clothes. It would be best if you also washed off soiled diapers before putting them in the machine. The best practice is to give them a rinse after you change them.