Best Washing Machine For Duvets [Our Definitive List]

Duvets make it so we can change our bedding affordably and easily, but they can be a hassle to clean.

The good news is that washing machines have evolved to handle larger-capacity loads so you can finally get a clean duvet every time. 

We’ve discovered some of the best washing machines for duvets that are going to change the way you do laundry from now on.

You can enjoy the best of what washing machines have to offer while being able to get laundry done much faster than before. 

Samsung WF53BB8700AT – Our Top Choice 

Product Highlights 

With the Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity washing machine, you get the perfect marriage of a super functional machine and a stylish appearance.

While this washing machine is able to handle some serious loads like king-size duvets, it is designed in such a smart way that it’ll fit in small spaces with ease. 


  • 5.3 cu capacity; one of the largest capacities you can find for washing machines
  • Wifi and Smart technology lets you keep tabs on your laundry through your phone
  • The design of the drum lets you get your laundry cleaned faster 
  • Vibration reduction technology reduces annoying noise levels 

What We Like About The Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer 

Ultra capacity is the perfect description for what this washing machine is able to handle. It helps to cut down the amount of time often spent on washing heavy-duty items like bedding and towels. 

What We Don’t Like About The Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer 

The only setback one might have with this washing machine is that there’s a learning curve involved given the Smart technology.

The washing machine also comes at a fairly steep price point, though it is by no means the most expensive high-capacity washing machine you’ll encounter. 

LG WT7150CW With TurboDrum – Budget Alternative

Product Highlights

Washing duvets and large loads will no longer be a chore you avoid with the ease of this LG Top Load Washer.

The TurboDrum ensures that your entire duvet gets a thorough clean without causing any damage.

You can customize your settings to ensure that whatever you need washing is done to your specifications. 


  • The 5.0 cu capacity makes it easy to wash duvets and other large items
  • The design ensures there is no loud noise or vibrations during operation
  • High efficiency helps reduce water costs and environmental impact
  • You can opt for cold water and still get a thorough clean

What We Like About The LG Top Load Washer With Turbodrum

There was a lot of thought put into the construction of this washing machine, with features that put the environmental impact of doing laundry as a priority.

You can wash big, bulky items consistently with great results while knowing you’re being a little bit kinder to the planet. 

What We Don’t Like About The LG Top Load Washer With Turbodrum

The washing machine itself is nice, but it has a very classic, white design. It may not match the aesthetics for some homeowners, but overall, the machine works very well. 

What To Look For When Buying Washing Machines For Duvets

Even if you manage to stuff a duvet inside a washing machine, it may not have enough space to get into the nooks and crannies and scrub away odor and stains. Thus, your choice in washing machines for duvets needs to be made carefully. 

High Capacity

You need a washing machine with a 4-5 bu capacity to be able to get a complete clean. 

A Good Drum

The drum inside the washing machine needs to be of sound quality, as this will ensure your duvet is cleaned from top to bottom. 

Final Verdict – Samsung WF53BB8700AT Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer

Duvets can be an investment but serve you very well in terms of bedding since their covers can be changed in an instant.

However, keeping your duvet clean isn’t always easy.

With the Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer, you no longer have to battle with your washing machine or drag it to the dry cleaners to get a fresh, completely clean duvet.