Best Washing Machine For Eczema  

One of the best ways to better control and calm down eczema is to make sure that your laundry is helping your fight back against skin irritation rather than inflame it.

A big part of that is investing in quality detergents designed to resolve eczema issues, but another major piece of the puzzle is buying the right washing machine, too.

The right washing machine – like the two we highlight below – are going to dramatically reduce eczema flare-ups, keep your skin free of irritants, and make sure that your clothes are as clean and hygienic as possible.

You can’t go wrong picking either of the two washing machines we review right now!

The Best Washing Machine for Eczema – GE GFW650SPNSN

It’s hard to imagine there being a better washing machine for fighting back against eczema on the market today than this one.

GE has always had a near legendary reputation for making quality appliances, and this washer is no exception.

Well-made, smartly engineered, and featuring a whole host of special features that will help you clear up your eczema issues, this is the perfect washing machine for folks that suffer from this skin condition for sure.


  • Proprietary “micro ban” antimicrobial technology
  • Smart detergent dispensing technology
  • Sanitizing and allergen killing technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Dynamic balancing
  • A reversible door
  • Power steam technology

What We Like Most

The number one reason we like this washing machine the most for fighting back against eczema is because of the sanitization and allergen-killing technology that is a core of every wash cycle.

GE spent a tremendous amount of time and money researching and implementing this technology, industry-first technology in the home washing machine appliance world.

Every single cycle will sanitize and kill 99.9% of bacteria and allergens – helping to control eczema in a big way.

Another cool feature we really like from this washing machine is the inclusion of smart detergent dispensing tech from GE.

You can load this washing machine up with a full bottle of detergent designed to treat eczema and then allow the washing machine to distribute that detergent evenly and consistently depending on each individual load.

That’s a game changer!

What We Didn’t Love

This is a slightly larger washing machine than what you’ll probably find common on the market today, measuring 39.75” x 28” x 32”.

It’s also a little bit heavy, and somewhat bulky (especially when you put it on its pedestal), and it commands a premium price tag.

Pros and Cons

  • Actually designed for folks with skin conditions in mind
  • Features sanitation and allergen killing technology that really works
  • Smart detergent distribution guarantees your clothes are clean without too much detergent in them
  • Power steam technology loosens stains, softens fibers, and kills eczema causing bacteria and irritants
  • One of the more expensive washer machines on the market

A Great Budget-Friendly Alternative – Kenmore 28″ Top-Load Washer

This Kenmore top-loading washing machine is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative for those that just can’t swing the premium GE price tag of the unit highlighted above.


  • 4.2 ft.³ capacity
  • Triple action agitator with a direct drive motor
  • 12 customizable cleaning cycles
  • Compact size and form factor

What We Like Most

Though this Kenmore option does not have all the same bells and whistles as the GE washing machine highlighted above, it still does a great job getting your clothes clean and sanitized without you having to use a ton of laundry detergent (a common eczema irritant).

The top loading mechanism makes this very easy to use and allows for heavier-duty cleaning hardware to be used in the “guts” of the washing machine drum.

12 individual wash cycles allow you to set this washing machine exactly the way you like it, giving you consistent result wash after wash with little headache or hassle.

What We Didn’t Love

The lack of sanitization and allergen-destroying technology in this Kenmore is a little disappointing, but that’s what you can expect at this budget-focused price point.

Aside from that, the aesthetics of this Kenmore washer machine are a little “plain Jane” – but that’s certainly not a dealbreaker.

Pros and Cons

  • Very well-made with Kenmore’s fantastic warranty
  • More of a standard, compact sized washing machine than other options
  • Does a great job of washing detergent and stains from your clothing
  • 12 washing cycles let you dial in the way your washer works every single cycle
  • A little plain from an aesthetic standpoint
  • Not as many “creature features” as premium washing machines

Closing Thoughts

 When you get right down to it, you really can’t go wrong with either of the two washing machines we reviewed above.

These two units are both made from industry leaders in the appliance space. GE and Kenmore both have fantastic reputations for producing great hardware at great prices – with exceptional warrantees.

If you have the budget that can handle the GE and its premium price point, that’s probably the way to go.

If not, though, the more inexpensive Kenmore option is no slouch at helping you clean your clothes and fight back against eczema at the same time.