Best Washing Machine For Heavy Loads

There’s nothing more tiresome and time-consuming than waiting hours for your washing to finish because you couldn’t fit everything in at once.

A lot of families find life a whole lot easier with a high-capacity washer, but what is the best washing machine for heavy loads?

Don’t worry, we’re here to get you the answers that you need.

It may seem like an everyday tool to most people, but we’re passionate about washing machines and identifying the best products on the market for the job, through our own experience and testing.

LG WM4200HWA Smart Front Load Washer  – Our Top Choice

This may not be the highest capacity washer on the market, but you’re not going to find a machine that is more powerful, adaptable, and time-efficient for handling your heavy loads.

They’re not exaggerating when they say that you can fit a king-size comforter inside – with room for even more besides.


  • 5.0 cu. ft. capacity – Fits very heavy loads with ease.
  • TurboWash 360°technology – 5 jets with variable sprays for cleaning heavy loads in less than 30 minutes.
  • AI technology and internal sensors – Selects the best wash settings and drying cycle for your load.
  • Smart and WiFi enabled – Easy to control remotely using the ThinQ App

What We Like About The LG WM4200HWA

What we like about this machine is how much time it feels that you can save by using it. Not only can you get the whole family’s dirty laundry in a single load, but it actually gets the job done surprisingly quickly.

Partly, that’s due to the powerful jets and high-speed spin cycle, but it’s also the suggestions and recommendations that it gives you for the best wash motion and other options depending on what’s inside.

We were also impressed by how quiet it is, especially considering its power.

What We Don’t Like About The LG WM4200HWA

Although there is certainly a lot to like about this machine, it can feel a little bit tech-heavy for some people.

There are quite a lot of features involved, and reading through the manual was a bit of a mission.

It can certainly be a little frustrating waiting for your washing machine to connect to the internet and, if you do have problems, figuring out a solution can be overwhelming.

Additionally, it’s a front-loading machine, which often seems a little more awkward than a top loader when you’re trying to pack a lot in.

Pros & Cons



High Capacity

High-tech can be complicated


Front loading

Adaptive intelligent technology

Complicated to troubleshoot

Relatively quiet


Remote controls


Alternative Option: Samsung WA52A5500AC/US

An honorable mention that also handles a heavy load incredibly well is this top loader from Samsung.

It’s got a slightly higher capacity than the LG, and a lot of people will find loading from above easier when getting a large amount into the machine in one go.

We also found it to be efficient and time-friendly, and the smart features that it has are a very useful bonus.

What To Look For When Buying a Washing Machine for Heavy Loads

Load Capacity

It’s the most obvious feature that you need, but it’s still worth mentioning. You ideally want a capacity that is 5.0 cu. ft. or more if you want to be getting a lot done at once.

Power and Efficiency

If you’re trying to wash particularly heavy loads, you need to know that the machine can actually handle them.

A high capacity needs to work alongside a decent amount of power and efficiency, otherwise, you might as well have a smaller capacity machine that does two loads in the same amount of time.

Spin Cycle

When you’ve got a lot of weight in a single load, you have to have a decent spin cycle to get all of the water out at the end of the wash. Some high-capacity machines simply can’t spin and drain well enough when they’re full, then your clothes come out soaking wet – which means a much longer drying time.


Does the LG WM4200HWA work with Alexa?

Yes, this washing machine can be operated using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the LG ThinkQ App.

What size washer can wash a king-size bed?

If you want to be able to wash a king-sized comforter in a single load, you will need a capacity of at least 5.0 cu. ft.

Can a heavy load break a washing machine?

A load that is too heavy for your machine will put stress on the bearings and can cause damage to the internal components.