Best Washing Machine For Lint Removal

Taking time to wash your clothes only to find them covered in lint when they’re done is frustrating.

Instead of pulling out the lint roller, it might be time to invest in a washer equipped for lint removal. 

Choosing the ideal washing machine that offers lint removal is one that has a versatile range of wash cycles to ensure that delicate fabrics prone to producing lint aren’t mishandled when getting cycled through.

Washing machines that can effectively wash clothing with cool or cold water can also help deter lint buildup. 

LG WM3600HVA – Our Top Choice

Product Highlights

Here you get a washer that’s not just sleek in design but offers an exceptional experience with its accouterments.

The design is very intuitive to customize your wash cycle based on what it is your washing. If you’re uncertain if you’re making the right choice, integrated technology will step in to help. 

The machine can do a lot more than just help keep lint production at bay.

There are a wealth of settings and features that ensure no matter what you need to wash, it will not only fit in the machine, but it’ll get cleaned thoroughly without getting damaged. 


  • Wi-fi and AI enabled lets you control your machine from an app
  • Eliminates common allergens from laundry with the Allergiene cycle
  • Numerous wash cycle choices 
  • Modern dark stainless steel and metal design 

What We’re Liking About This LG Washer 

Even though you’re getting a wealth of top-notch features on this choice, you’re not paying an arm and a leg to add this machine to your laundry room.

You can rest assured you’ll get your use out of it as well given just how much laundry it’s capable of tackling in one load, cutting down your laundry time. 

What We Don’t Like About This LG Washer

As with most Smart washing machines, there’s somewhat of a learning curve to understand what you can do with this machine.

The washing machine’s Smart capabilities don’t seem to be compatible with Apple technology products as well, which makes it difficult to use an iPhone to control your machine. 

GE Appliances Washer – Budget Alternative

Product Highlights

Not only can you effectively wash your clothes without producing lint in this washing machine, but you can also tackle your tougher types of laundry like bedding in this machine.

You have more control over your water choice and cycles to avoid too much friction to your delicate clothing. 


  • Choice in wash cycles, including a delicate cycle
  • Control over water temperature
  • Handles larger loads than many other washers
  • DeepClean technology helps bust and remove the worst stains 

What We’re Liking About This GE Washer

With this GE washing machine, you get an efficient machine that is incredibly affordable.

You can get a lot of laundry done in a short amount of time and wash each load based on however you choose to program your machine. 

What We Don’t Like About This GE Washer

While this washing machine gets the job done in terms of cleaning clothes and keeping lint production at bay, it’s a very old-fashioned machine in terms of aesthetics.

It’s also not a high efficiency model, which might be a deal breaker for some. 

Final Verdict

It’s incredible what you get from this smart washing machine, especially given how affordable this model is.

No longer are you forced to continue to try and clean your clothes of lint after doing laundry when you have a washing machine like this that eliminates any opportunity for lint buildup. 

With how much of a bargain this washing machine is, you’ll want to try adding it to your cart as soon as you can before more people discover what a special find it is.

Join the group of highly satisfied customers who are amazed at how well this washing machine can remove lint and so much more.