Best Washing Machine For Longevity

The United Servicers Association estimates that a washing machine has a 6- to 10-year lifetime.

Even worse, some producers purposely design their products to fail early to force consumers to replace them more frequently. This dubious practice is known as planned obsolescence.

The bigger problem is that washers aren’t as easily repairable as they formerly were.

In any case, I’ll teach you how to overcome the challenges and acquire a washer that will outlive 90% of the competition. Finding these treasures requires extensive study and filtering through marketing spin and unreliable reviews.

LG WM4000HWA – Our Top Choice

Product Highlights

This washer is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a dependable washing machine with the newest bells and whistles.

In addition to its vast storage space and reasonable cost, the WM4000HWA offers complete remote control through the LG app.

Even better, this machine can transfer settings tailored to the type of cloth it is now washing to LG dryers that are compatible with it.


  • Built-in intelligence removes guesswork: AI technology chooses the best settings for each load to produce fantastic cleaning while increasing the lifespan of your garments.
  • Cycle of AllergieneTM:
    This cycle is ideal for homes with allergy-sensitive residents since it gently removes even the most delicate textiles of typical household allergens like dust mites and pet hair.
  • Conquer Laundry Day on the Go: With the ThinQ app, you can use your smartphone to choose, start, or stop cycles, as well as receive notifications when your laundry is finished.
  • ColdWashTM technology combines cold water and improved washing movements to permeate deeply into textiles, offering you cold-water savings with warm-water results. ColdWashTM cleaning without Compromise

Pros & Cons

Amazing cleaning qualitySome noise when starting a cycle
QuietIssues with door
Multiple cycle optionsConfusing instructions

Speed Queen TR7003 – Budget Alternative

Product Highlights

Washing machines made by Speed Queen are straightforward, durable, and extremely likely to outlast you.

The fact that Speed Queens is highly repairable and manufactured in the USA makes it simple to get replacement components.

Though expensive, Speed Queens has a highly enduring reputation. A 7-year guarantee is also included with the top-tier TR7003.

The TR series washer tops Consumer Reports’ list of top-loading agitator-style washers for durability, and independent Redditors greatly adore them.


  • Produced in the USA
  • 3–7 Years of Warranty (model dependant)

Pros & Cons

Fights moldLimited colors & basic look
Built to lastSmaller drum size
fast wash cyclesRough on clothes


Product Highlights

This GE machine perfectly illustrates why outliers shouldn’t be discounted. Since GE hasn’t historically been regarded as dependable, it takes reports some time to update with developments like these.

GE front loaders are currently among their least repaired washers. They recommend this machine because of its Microban coatings and forceful air venting, which virtually eradicate must and mold.

Even though this washer has several excellent features not seen in other washers, I’m still not completely sold on GE.


  • PowerSteam: To remove stains and keep your clothing as fresh as possible, this function safely penetrates deep into fabric fibers.
  • Sanitize + Allergen Cycle: Dry clean garments at high temperatures to destroy dust mites, other allergies, and typical household bacteria.
  • Wi-Fi Connect: You can monitor and modify wash cycles or get alerts when your laundry is finished from your couch, the workplace, or the ice rink.
  • The gasket, dispenser, and draining system use Microban Antimicrobial Technology to provide protection that lasts load after load.

Pros & Cons

Amazing cleaning qualityNoisy
Multiple cycle optionsHigher price
Smart featuresCan have trouble removing stains

Final Verdict – The Best Washing Machine for Longevity


This washer is a good option if you want a durable washing machine with all the newest bells and whistles.

Beyond its enormous storage capacity and affordable price, the WM4000HWA provides complete remote control through the LG ThinQ app.

Even better, this washer can connect with compatible LG dryers by sending settings specific to the type of cloth it is now washing.


Which washing machine brand lasts the longest?

The best washer brands include Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung. According to Yale Appliance, less than 7% of these machines’ sales required service. According to JD Power, the two manufacturers with the highest customer satisfaction scores are Samsung and LG.

Which type of washing machine has a longer life expectancy?

Typically, a washer lasts 10 to 13 years. The lifespan of top-loading washers is generally a few years longer than that of front-loading counterparts. If you have a washer and dryer stacked, you might need to repair both if one breaks.