Best Washing Machine For Low Water Pressure

If your home has low water pressure, you must have a washing machine that can handle it.

Unfortunately, front/side loaders are the worst in this regard. The best ones are portable, top-loading, and connect via a sink faucet.

However, Kenmore produces one that does install permanently and is excellent for low water pressure. Therefore, the guidelines above are very loose. But, it stands to note that Danby has a portable washer designed specifically for water flow control.

Kenmore 31652

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If you’re the type that has a massive amount of garments to wash on a daily basis, this model by Kenmore is perfect.

It has a 5.3 cubic foot capacity that loads from the top with a built-in water faucet. This controls the water flow, even under low pressure.

Plus, the impeller is very gentle on a variety of fabrics.


  • Dispenser drawer compartmentalizes detergent, fabric softener, and bleach
  • You can pack this machine full and everything will come out sparkling clean
  • The hinge of the lid has a design that prevents slamming

What We Like About It

The built-in water faucet of this particular Kenmore unit means you can use it in low-pressure water situations.

Not only is this very affordable but it’s also EnergyStar certified, which means it will be easy on monthly electricity bills.

Also, it’s one of the few low-water pressure washers you can permanently install.

What We Don’t Like About It

While this washer works quite well, there are several problems with using it.

First of all, when you use the auto-level water feature, it doesn’t cover all the garments. This means it only partially cleans and some of it can end up half dry.

The second problem is that other water settings mean it uses too much water, which will kill your monthly bill.

Pros & Cons



Affix permanently to a location or make it portable

Uses too much water

Adjustable height on the legs

Auto-level water setting doesn’t entirely cover

Several settings for the ultimate in clean


Danby DWM065A1WDB6

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What makes Danby a good runner-up to Kenmore is the fact that its design and engineering lends itself to controlling water flow.

This 25-inch machine with a two cubic foot capacity has several water security measures in place to ensure an efficient clean.


  • Four wash cycles with digital controls
  • Pulsator agitation for the utmost in gentleness on fabrics
  • Child safety locks and steam cleaning features

What We Like About It

This compact and portable washing machine by Danby is great for small spaces with low water pressure.

There are several security features.

One is to protect children from getting into the machine while it’s in operation and the other balances loads that end up out of whack.

What We Don’t Like About It

It isn’t very big, so this is not ideal for a large family or for large heavy loads.

Other than that, there really isn’t much we don’t like about this washer.

Pros & Cons



Long-lasting construction means it will last for years

Not ideal for large and/or heavy loads

Cleans thoroughly while keeping water bill down

Too small for big families

Regulates water flow for low-pressure situations


What to Look for in a Washing Machine for Low Water Pressure

The main components of a washing machine for low water pressure are the way it loads and how it connects to the water source.

Oftentimes, the best ones are top loading with a kitchen faucet connection.

But, as you’ve seen with Kenmore, this isn’t always the case.

Top Loading

Side loading machines are very sleek and stylish but they are not practical for low-pressure water.

This is because side-loading ones use a lot more water and have technology specifically for high pressure.

Such a thing translates to poor performance and badly cleaned fabrics.

Faucet Hookup

Because your kitchen faucet is already accommodating to low-pressure water, hooking your washing machine up to it will not draw, drain or put tension on your appliance.

If it is a permanent setup, you must ensure its design caters to water regulations.