Best Washing Machine For Mobile Home

Saving space in a mobile home can be quite a challenge, particularly when it comes to finding large appliances.

If you’re looking for the right fit for your space then you will be wondering: what is the best washing machine for a mobile home?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve investigated the options that are out there, put them to the test, and found our favorite.

Let us show you our top choice of washing machine for a mobile home.

Nictemaw Full-Automatic Portable Washer – Our Top Choice

It’s conveniently sized, it’s stylish, but it can handle the majority of your washing needs while still being small enough to pack away between loads.

This machine also comes with an easy-to-use control panel and a number of different programs – and connecting it to your sink is nice and straightforward.


  • 15.5lbs Capacity – When it comes to portable washers, you would be lucky to find one that can do as much in one load.
  • Easy Operation – Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Dryer Settings – Drying options are very helpful in a small space.
  • Quiet – Runs nice and quietly.

What We Like About The Nictemaw

Probably our favorite thing about this particular machine is how much you can fit into a single wash.

It can easily manage the bulk of your everyday washing, which is more than can be said for a lot of portable options on the market.

Even with its larger capacity, it is still very easy to move around, so you can get it out when you need it and store it elsewhere when you don’t.

It is also incredibly easy to operate, including the simple method of hooking it up to your faucet and drainage. We like how quiet it is too – which is a real blessing in a small space.

What We Don’t Like About The Nictemaw

The larger capacity of this portable washer does mean that it is slightly bulkier than other options that you could choose from. Ultimately, it will depend on the space that you have available, but some people might prefer an even more petite model.

Pros & Cons



15.5lb capacity

Large size

Easy operation

Slightly heavier than some models

Drying settings


Highly portable




Alternative Option: AOLIER Portable Full-Automatic Washer

When we were exploring the different portable options, this machine from AOLIER stood out as well.

It might not be able to fit quite as much in it as the Nictemaw – with a 13lbs capacity – but that also means that it is a little bit smaller, which may suit some mobile homes better.

Running it is straightforward, it is incredibly quiet, and it gives a great clean too.

What To Look For When Buying a Washing Machine for a Mobile Home


Space is obviously the most important factor that you’re dealing with when you’re shopping for appliances for your mobile home.

A compact washer might suit some people, but a portable option is going to take up less room, and it can be stored away when you’re not using it.  

Plumbing Connection

Connecting your appliances to the plumbing system in a mobile home is not always easy, which is why a portable machine that hooks up to your sink can be so useful.

Be sure to check that you are getting the right kind of connection/adapter before you buy.


Some portable washers can have such a small load capacity that you end up needing to visit the laundromat all of the time anyway.

A small size doesn’t have to equal inconvenience – make sure that you are able to fit in a decent load.


What size is the fully automatic Nictemaw portable washer?

The Nictemaw portable washer is 50cm x 50.5cm x 85.5cm, or 19.7” x 19.9” x 33.7”. It is not the smallest on the market, but it is still a great size for most mobile homes.

What is the difference between a portable washing machine and a regular washing machine?

Portable washing machines are significantly smaller than even compact regular washers. They are almost always top loaders, and they have hoses to connect the pump and drainage to your sink.

How do portable washing machines drain?

Although they don’t all work in exactly the same way, almost all portable washers will have an outlet hose that drains directly into a sink or drain.