Best Washing Machine For Muddy Clothes

Muddy clothes are a problem that all parents and adventurous people deal with, and it can be hard to remove if you don’t have the right washer for the job.

If you’re often struggling with mud in your fabrics then you will want to know: what washing machine is best for muddy clothes?

We’ve got the answer for you right here. We’ve tested out the different machines on the market today to see how they handle mud and dirt, and we’ve found the best one of the lot.

Have a look at our number one washing machine for muddy clothes.

LG WM4200HBA – Our Number One Choice

This machine is big and it is formidable – so it can take on a variety of different stains with ease.

It’s far from a compact little washer and it comes with a lot of smart features, handy wash settings, and powerful technologies that make it a great choice for anyone that is dealing with problematic mud stains.


  • TurboWash 360° – This machine has some seriously powerful jets that are great for dirt and mud.
  • ColdWash – Even at lower temperatures, the water penetrates deeply, so it can tackle stains on clothes that can’t handle heat.
  • TubClean – An excellent self-cleaning cycle that keeps debris from building up in the machine.
  • LG SideKick Compatible – If you want to keep muddy clothes separate, you can opt for the handy LG SideKick, which is a very convenient little pedestal washer.

Why We Like The LG WM4200HBA

When we had a go with the LG WM4200HBA, the thing that really struck us was the power of it – those jets are really something!

It means that the water gets deep into your fabrics, which is great for dislodging stubborn mud.

It also has a really large capacity, at 5.0 cu. ft., which means you can get all of the kids’ sports gear in at the same time, without worrying that you might overload it.

We also liked the way you can combine it with a little pedestal washer, which could be very handy when you have just one or two muddy items that you don’t want to throw in with everything else.

The Negatives of the LG WM4200HBA

It is powerful and can fit a lot inside it, but that also means that this machine is a bit of a monster. It looks and feels pretty colossal, so it’s not ideal if you’re tight for space.

You also need to be a little cautious with the smart technology as it can be complicated to understand.

The machine will automatically determine the right wash for your clothes based on factors like weight, but you will need to make adjustments to the settings yourself when it comes to issues like mud stains.

Pros & Cons



Powerful TurboWash jets

Large size

Effective low-temperature cleaning

Complicated smart controls

Excellent self-cleaning setting

Automatic wash settings don’t always factor in stains

Compatible with pedestal washer


Large 5.0 cu. ft. capacity


A Great Alternative: Samsung WF45B6300AW/US

A great alternative to the LG is this Samsung front loader, which also has powerful performance and a great self-cleaning option. It’s a little less bulky too, with a slightly smaller drum capacity, which might make it a better choice for some smaller homes.

How To Choose A Washer For Muddy Clothes

Advanced Settings

If you’re looking to clean clothes that have a lot of dirt on them, you want to know that your machine is going to know what to do about it.

You want your machine to have the right wash settings that are going to rinse for long enough to clear off any excess mud and give the option for high heat to remove the stain.

Powerful Rinse Cycle

You want your washing machine to be able to handle small clumps of mud or dirt with ease, so a powerful rinse cycle is a must.


If you are washing dirty clothes often, then you will want to look for a machine that has self-cleaning options, or the washer itself may become dirty over time and debris can clog the pipes.

Prepping Your Clothes

Even the best washing machine on the market can need a little help sometimes.

It’s best to remove as much of the mud itself as possible before putting your clothing into the machine, and you may need to soak and/or pretreat significant stains.


What is the LG SideKick pedestal washer?

The LG SideKick pedestal washer is a drawer-like unit that sits underneath your machine, letting you wash a small load separately from the main drum.

Can mud clog your washing machine?

Different debris, like mud, dirt, and lint, can build up inside your washing machine and cause a blockage in the pipe.

Do you wash muddy clothes in hot or cold water?

Warm or hot water often removes more of a mud stain than cold water, but you should always choose the temperature that is best suited to the item of clothing itself.