Best Washing Machine For Rugs

No one wants to put in the time to clean all the rugs in their house, so throwing them in the washing machine is a great way to save time. You need to get something that can eliminate the excessive dirt and germs and is big enough to fit the rug. 

Our favorite washers for rugs are:

  1. Samsung WF45A6400AV/US
  2. Whirlpool WTW5105HW
  3. LG WM4000HBA

We’ll go through each washer’s pros and cons to ensure you choose which one fits your needs.

1) Samsung WF45A6400AV/US


This Samsung washer can learn about your favorite wash cycles and give you easy access to them. It also has a wash cycle specifically for bulky items and heavy-duty wash, meaning that even the dirtiest rugs will come out clean.


  • 4.5 ft drum
  • 24 cycles
  • 13 wash options

The Pros of the Samsung WF45A6400AV/US

This washer not only has multiple cycles you can choose from to get all that stubborn dirt and allergens out of your rugs, but it also works very fast. This is a way to use the speed cycle if you are on a time limit.

The Cons of This Washer

Due to this washer having AI and other newer technology, it has some presets that not everyone will like. One is that there are certain sounds that signal when it moves from one stage of a cycle to the next, which you will need to turn off manually. 

2) Whirlpool WTW5105HW


This washer has enough space to fit two baskets of clothes which is great for something bulky like rugs. It also has technology that senses the size of the load and can adapt for optimal cleaning. 


  • 4.7 cu. ft. drum
  • 36 Wash Cycles
  • Pretreat Station

The Pros of the Whirlpool WTW5105HW

One handy feature about this washer is that it has a pretreat station which means that you can soak or scrub specific spots on your rugs using the built-in faucet and brushes so that you don’t have to do a whole load end washer only to find out that those stubborn spots are coming out.

The Cons of This Washer

Some customers say this washer is a little bit on the louder side, so you may be better of with a different washer if you’re living in an apartment or have young children or animals that may be disrupted by the noise. 

3) LG WM4000HBA


One of the best features of this LG washer is that it has a specific cycle for allergens which is great for rugs as they can get full of pet dander and dust. This will be especially helpful if someone in your household has strong allergies rugs can be one of the worst things when it comes to holding on to the allergens.


  • 4.5 cu. ft. drum
  • App to control laundry remotely
  • Allergen cycle for pet dander and dust

The Pros of the LG WM4000HBA

One of the best parts about this machine is that it is both a washer and a dryer, and it is pretty speedy. While it may take a little bit longer since rugs are more on the bulkier side, it’s still nice not to wait forever for them to dry. It is also eco-friendly, and Energy Star certified. 

The Cons of This Washer

One recurring complaint about this washer is that the manual isn’t the easiest to understand. It’s missing some controls, so you may have to discover them yourself. However, the basic controls are intuitive, depending on how advanced you want to go into the additional settings.


Can rugs be washed in washing machine?

Cotton and synthetic fiber rugs can go in the washing machine as an easy way to clean them. You can also wash some small braided or woven rugs, depending on the instructions from the seller. 

What wash cycle is best for rugs?

The gentle setting is best with cold water with your usual detergent. You can also add bleach to specific stains as long as it’s oxygen-based for rubber-backed rugs.