Best Washing Machine For Small Spaces

When you live in asmall house, efficiency apartment, or dorm, you may believe there’s no room for a washing machine. But, this isn’t true.

In fact, you can find a plethora of appliances that are perfect for your particular situation.

However, the best washing machine for small spaces is Pyle-Home’s compact and portable model. It will fit anywhere and it has a dual feature: it comes with a dryer.

Granted, you will only be able to wash a few garments at a time, but it will save money and trips to the Laundromat.

Pyle-Home PUCWM22

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What makes Pyle-Home’s compact washer the best is the fact that it has a dryer attached.

It’s ideal for any small space, even if it’s the equivalent of a water closet.

You can hook this up to your kitchen faucet and watch it work on your clothes through the translucent tub.

It works well, lasts a long time, and is fantastically cheap!


  • Top-loading with a translucent tub
  • There are no special parts, plumbing or other add-ons
  • Can handle nearly an eight-pound load

What We Like about It

This washer-dryer combo is lightweight and can fit anywhere. It is just over 23½ inches wide, but the total dimensions are quite small: 22.2 inches high by 13.9 inches long.

What We Don’t Like about It

The big downside to this is that even though the washer can handle a load nearly eight pounds, the dryer can only take on three pounds.

This means certain items will have to wait to dry or you’ll have to hang dry them. Depending on your space, this may not be ideal.

Pros & Cons



Fabulous cheap price for both washer and dryer

Washer capacity doesn’t match dryer capacity

Ideal for any small sized space


Translucent tub means you can monitor clothing


Avanti CTW84X0WIS

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This washer by Avanti is much smaller. It’s 18 inches wide with .84 cubic foot capacity.

The reason why this isn’t first is because not all small spaces will be able to accommodate this washer and it doesn’t have a dryer.

Regardless, it has eight different wash cycles to choose from with an LED display.


  • Splash Guard Lid to prevent spills
  • Eight wash cycles (cotton, white, speed, gentle, heavy and normal) and three load sizes (large, small and medium)
  • Automatic controls like power off and lock out for convenience and security

What We Like about It

Avanti’s compact washer gives a little more wiggle room than Pyle-Home’s model.

It has a pulsator agitation from the bottom, so almost any kind of fabric is safe in this machine.

Plus, it has a cold water inlet for more delicate and fragile garments.

What We Don’t Like about It

Because of how small this machine is, you won’t be able to wash anything bulky.

Any amount of stress or overloading of the machine will cause it to either break down or it won’t wash those items as well.

Pros & Cons



Perfectly compact and easy to setup

Limited capacity

Great for efficiencies and small apartments

Cannot handle large, bulky items

Stainless steel tub with electronic controls


What To Look For In a Washing Machine for Small Spaces

There are several aspects to consider in regards to a washing machine for your tiny living quarters.

The main one, of course, is the size of the washer in relation to the space you have available.

Another, however, is how portable the machine is and where you plan to store it.

Size & Dimensions

You will need to measure your space, taking note of the length, width, and height of the area you’re considering. This will also include where you plan to store it.

As a general rule, you should get a machine that’s slightly smaller that the space(s) you’re measuring to ensure a comfortable fit with ease of use.

Portability & Storage

Consider how you want to transport and store your washing machine.

Some come with rollers and/or wheels while others are so light you can carry them.

The main takeaway here is that it should be easy to use, set up and put away.