Best Washing Machine For Towels

Whether you’re running a quaint B&B or independent spa, you probably go through a lot of towels.

This is also true for large families, where fresh towels are a rare commodity.

Regardless of your situation, you must have a way to wash your terry cloth mountain effectively.

While there are many great washing machines out there, the best one for handling towels is the 24-inch front loader by Bosch. What makes it ideal is the specific wash cycle just for towels.

However, Samsung also has a similar model that’s worth looking into as well.

Bosch WAT28400UC

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Bosch’s 24-inch compact front loading washer from their 300 series is the best for towels. The main reason is that it has a cycle setting just for towels.

Its design and engineering intend for bulky heavy-duty loads. Plus, it has excellent water regulation with a self-cleaning drum.


  • 15 different wash cycle settings
  • Built-in water heater with an LCD display
  • Stainless steel drum has scalloped circular walls

What We Like about It

This allows for up to 16 towels in one load. It stands out because it washes 40% faster than most others in its class.

So, if you need clean towels fast, this is the only way to go.

What We Don’t Like about It

Even though this is a fantastic machine for towels, you have to be careful.

Not all towels are the same and some comprise varying materials.

When using the towel feature, only load in those that are 100% cotton or other durable fabric. Things like fleece and felt will fall apart.

Pros & Cons



Cleans towels thoroughly

Can tear apart weaker fabrics

Design intends for heavy duty loads

Expensive for the size

Good for commercial or residential use


Samsung WF45A6400AV

Check it out here

While Samsung’s front loading washer does have a setting just for towels, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Bosch’s offers. Regardless, it has a 4.5 cubic foot capacity with 13 options and 24 wash cycle settings.

Most loads finish within 30 minutes, regardless of the size without trading off cleaning quality.


  • All stainless steel drum with centrifuge motion
  • Excellent for any type and variety of bulky load
  • Comes with AI-powered Smart Dial

What We Like about It

The control panel on this model by Samsung is easy to use and the AI features learn about your loads.

If you need a load faster than the typical 30 minutes, you can use the Speed cycle setting.

It’s very affordable and it comes with all the necessary accessories and fittings.

What We Don’t Like about It

Samsung’s washer is excellent for cleaning towels but it is bulky and rather heavy. It weighs a whopping 200 pounds!

Therefore, you will need to ensure the surface you put this on can handle the pressure.

So, it’s ideal for a solid basement with plenty of room.

Pros & Cons



Cleans in less than 30 minutes

AI monitoring raises privacy concerns

Offers a special cycle for towels and sheets

Heavy and bulky in shape and size

Large capacity for handling heavy duty loads


What to Look for in a Washing Machine for Towels

There are many aspects to consider when looking for a washing machine for towels.

This means you’ll have to sit down and consider how often you wash towels, the sheer volume of towels, their general weight, and the space you have for the washer.

Front Loading Is Best

Top loading washers will get thrown out of balance easily when there are many towels involved. This doesn’t happen with front-loading machines.

Plus, there is no impeller or agitation blades to destroy the fabric of the towels.

Drum Capacity

For those who clearly wash more than 10 towels per week, you want to ensure the washer has a cubic foot capacity of at least two.

Anything smaller may cause your machine to stop working altogether.

Heavy Duty Features

Ensure that the machine you look at offers options and settings that highlight heavy-duty handling.

If you don’t see it featured, don’t assume it will handle towels. You want to be sure that it can.