Best Washing Machines For Second Floor

More and more people are moving their laundry rooms just as close to their bedroom (or at least the most frequently used bathroom) as possible – and that often means hauling these appliances up to the second floor.

Finding the best washing machines for second floor installations becomes a whole lot easier when you focus on finding washing machines that are well-built, offer deep cleaning capabilities (and all kinds of other features and bells and whistles) but are also going to be as light as possible.

You don’t want to fight 300-plus pound appliances while wrangling them up the stairs!

Check out the two options we highlight below to jumpstart your search.

Our Top Pick – LG WM3600H Smart Washing Machine

LG is a giant in the appliance space and for good reason.

The appliances they make – like this smart washing machine – are some of the best in the business, jampacked with all kinds of next-generation technology while still having a great reputation for reliability, consistency, and durability.

We love this relatively lightweight washing machine for second floor installations.


  • 4.5 ft.³ laundry load capacity
  • Full-size washing machine
  • Frontloading
  • Stackable
  • Comes with Wi-Fi
  • Steam cycle, 10 more cycles, five temperature settings
  • Weighs in at just under 210 pounds

What We Like Most

Where do we start?

LG shoehorned all kinds of really cool creature features into this washing machine.

For starters, the washing machine uses AI technology to first attacked the kind of laundry load you’re doing, determining exactly how much water you’ll need (as well as how much detergent), and then self adjusts on-the-fly to optimize efficiency without sacrificing the deep cleaning capabilities.

The steam cycle built into this LG unit kills off all kinds of allergens, including up to 95% of pet dander and dust that could irritate your skin or cause allergies to flare.

You can do larger loads of laundry with the 4.5 ft.³ capacity of this laundry machine, but you can also wash to smaller loads at once using the “sidekick” pedestal washing system.

This is an awesome washer to add to your second floor laundry room.

What We Didn’t Love

The only thing that we could find even halfway disconcerting with this LG washing machine is the price tag.

This is very much a premium piece of equipment with a premium price tag attached. You get what you pay for, though, and the overwhelming majority of reviews online are glowingly positive.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and compact enough to easily be moved upstairs with two people
  • Overloaded with all kinds of next-generation laundry technology from LG
  • Deep clean capabilities with built-in energy and water efficiency solutions
  • Legendary reputation for durability and reliability
  • Price tag is kind of high

A Great Budget Friendly Alternative – Magic Chef Compact Top-Load Washer

If portability is number one on your list when buying a washing machine for a second floor laundry room than the Magic Chef deserves a close look.


  • 1.6 ft.³ load capacity
  • Top loading
  • Six automatic wash cycles
  • Three water level and temperature settings
  • Weighs in at 75 pounds

What We Like Most

The Magic Chef washing machine we review here is nowhere near as feature-rich as the LG, but it is a whole lot more compact, whole lot more portable, and doesn’t sacrifice too much on the cleaning capabilities side of things.

Yes, this is a compact washing machine and that means you’re going to have to do smaller loads (and maybe more of them).

However, this thing weighs almost 1/3 of what the LG we highlighted above weighs in at – and that means a lot of people are going to be able to move this upstairs all on their own without a second set of hands.

That might be reason enough to go with this washing machine!

What We Didn’t Love

Though this is a very well-built washing machine the warranty service through Magic Chef can be a little hit and miss according to some of the reviews online.

That may be something to consider before you buy this washing machine.

Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic cleaning capabilities even if the capacity is slightly smaller
  • About as portable a washing machine as it gets, perfect for second floor installations
  • Very easy to use

Closing Thoughts

All things considered, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with either of the two washing machines we highlighted above when you’re looking to get set up with a laundry room on the second floor.

These washing machines are light, portable, and easy enough to move with just a little bit of help – even if you’re going up a flight of stairs (or two).

They are also both highly efficient, capable of deep and consistent cleans, and are about as easy to use as they get.

You won’t be disappointed with either one of them!