Can A 5×7 Rug Fit In A Washing Machine?

Area rugs are a beautiful way to decorate your home, but what happens when you spill something on them, or they need a really good freshening up?

Can a 5×7 rug fit in a washing machine? It is possible, but most 5×7 area rugs will be too large and heavy to fit into a regular washing machine unless they are relatively lightweight, and you have a large capacity washer.

Additionally, many types of rugs are not suitable for machine washing.

Read ahead to determine whether the rug you have can be put into your washing machine, or whether you need to find another way to get it clean.

What Size Rug Can Fit In My Washing Machine?

One of the most important considerations, when you’re thinking about trying to machine wash any rug, is what kind of washer you are working with. To put it simply: a larger machine can handle a larger rug.

To check the load capacity on your washer, you can look at the technical specifications in the manual, or you can simply search for it online.

Most people have a washing machine with a load capacity of between 3.5 to 4.5 cu. ft, but larger machines might have a drum size of 5.0 to 5.5 cu. ft.

A 4.5 cu. ft. washer or more can usually handle a load of around 15-17lbs, depending on the power and spin cycle. A 5.0 cu ft. drum is often able to fit a king-size comforter – which can be similar in dimensions to a 5×7 area rug.

Top loaders can often fit more volume of clothing inside, but they tend to be able to handle less weight.

How Heavy Is Your Rug?

If you have a larger capacity machine, then you might be able to fit a 5×7 rug inside, but will it be able to run safely? That often depends on the weight – and the thickness.

Area rugs that are 20lbs or more are likely to cause problems for even larger front-loading machines – particularly if they are highly absorbent or have a rubber backing. A heavy rug can make the drum unstable, put a strain on the motor, and cause internal damage.

You need to be sure that your rug is not only going to fit inside the machine but also that it is light enough for what your machine can handle.

5×7 rugs can vary greatly in weight, depending on what they are made from. Some can be as light as 10lbs while others can weigh 40 lbs or more.

Can Your Rug Go In The Washing Machine?

If you’ve made sure that your machine is large enough for your rug to fit in, and also that the rug itself is not too thick or heavy, can you put it into the washer now?

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. Many rugs are actually not machine washable at all and can be seriously damaged in a wash cycle.

Wool rugs, natural fiber rugs, and hair-on-hide rugs are usually not safe to put in the washing machine. Some cotton rugs and synthetic rugs, however, are machine washable.

It’s not just the core materials that the rug is made from either – a non-slip or rubber backing will affect things too. You should check the label and/or care instructions for your rug to be sure.

Conclusion: Can A 5×7 Rug Fit In A Washing Machine?

So, can a 5×7 rug fit in a washing machine? It’s a complicated question. Some lighter 5×7 rugs can fit into larger-capacity washing machines, provided they are rated to handle the weight.

You also need to check whether the rug itself can safely be machine washed without suffering any damage.

At the end of the day, you may need to look into other options for cleaning your larger rugs – like industrial-sized washers, dry cleaning, or cleaning by hand.