Do Fleas Die in Washing Machine?

Many people wonder if fleas will die in the washing machine.

If your water heater is set to 130 degrees, then you can wash your clothes and kill the fleas at the same time. However, if your water heater is set to a lower temperature, the fleas will not die. In fact, they may even survive the washing cycle and come out of your clothes when you put them in the dryer.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your water heater is set to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit before washing your clothes.

Otherwise, you may end up with more fleas than you started with.

How To Rid Your Clothes of Fleas

Flea bites usually appear in groups of three or four and can be very itchy. If you suspect you have been bitten by a flea, you can try to find the insect in your clothing or on your skin.

Fleas are dark brown or black, and about one-eighth of an inch long. They have piercing-sucking mouthparts that they use to attach to their host and extract blood. 

As a result, homes with pets are especially susceptible to infestations. 

One of the most important steps is to apply flea treatment medication to all affected animals.

Pets should be bathed with a flea shampoo or dipped in a flea solution designed for cats and dogs. In addition, all pet bedding should be washed in hot water to kill any fleas that may be still alive.

Vacuuming is also an important part of the process, as it will help to remove fleas and their eggs from carpets and upholstery.

Finally, all cracks and crevices should be sealed to prevent fleas from re-entering the home. By taking these steps, you can effectively get rid of fleas and keep your home free of these pests.

Can fleas survive washing machines?

The larvae of fleas can develop in damp, humid environments, and washing machines provide the perfect conditions for them to thrive.

The larvae can attach themselves to clothing and be transported into the machine, where they will have access to food and water.

Once they reach maturity, the fleas will then begin to lay eggs, leading to a new generation of pests.

What temperature of water do you need to kill fleas in a washing machine?

The ideal water temperature to kill fleas in a washing machine is between 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

To achieve this temperature, you will need to use hot water from your home’s water heater.

Most home water heaters are set to around 120 degrees, so you will need to adjust the settings accordingly.

You should also avoid using any detergent or fabric softener, as these can actually provide fleas with a protective barrier.

Instead, use some bleach in your wash cycle. This will help to kill any remaining fleas and their eggs.

Finally, make sure to wash all bedding and clothing on the hottest setting possible to ensure that all fleas are eradicated.


Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of animals. You may be wondering if flies will die in the washing machine.

It depends on the temperature of the water. If the water is hot enough, the fleas will die.

Most washing machines have a hot setting that reaches temperatures of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is hot enough to kill most adult fleas. However, it’s important to remember that flea eggs can still survive at lower temperatures.

So, if you’re trying to get rid of fleas, wash all of your bedding and clothing in hot water and vacuum regularly to remove any eggs that may be present.