Do Washing Machines Need To Be Cleaned?

Laundry is an important task that needs to be done often. Washing machines are the go-to solution for loads of clothes that need to be cleaned.

Although washing machines are doing the cleaning, do they need to be cleaned too?

Yes, you should clean your washing machine. Although washing machines are constantly cycled with water and cleaning supplies, you should take time to clean your machine.

Dirt, bacteria, mildew, and rust can build up in your machine if you aren’t cleaning it and taking precautions to keep it clean.

The rest of this article will cover why washing machines need cleaning, what happens if you don’t clean your machine, and how to clean your machine.

Why Washing Machines Need Cleaning

About once a month, you should clean the inside and outside of your washing machine. The reason why you should clean washing machines is because you don’t want your clothes getting dirty.

If you have a dirty machine, the clothes you put in there will come out dirty too.

Washing machines can get dirty just like other appliances.

Just because they have a lot of soap and detergent in them doesn’t mean they’re immune to build-up and bacteria, especially since clothes carry germs and foreign objects like keychains, money, and keys.

Once a month is a good rule to keep your machine clean, but you can have a more frequent schedule if you have the time.

You can clean your machine once every two weeks, or whenever you notice build-up. If you have a light-colored washing machine, the build-up will be easier to see.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Washing Machine

Without doing a monthly clean of your washing machine, you’re allowing dirt and bacteria to build up both inside and outside the machine. The more it builds up, the more harmful it will be to your clothes.

Along with that, the more dirt inside your machine, the more the machine suffers. Your washing machine becomes more susceptible to rust and stains that take special cleaning supplies to remove. 

As a result of a dirty washing machine, both the machine and the clothes will smell. Odor builds up as dirt does.

If you pull your clothes out of your washing machine and notice a funky, strong smell, that’s a sign you need to clean your washing machine.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

To clean your washing machine, first, you have to make sure there are no clothes or foreign objects inside. Remove any water or other liquids that are inside the dispenser drawers.

After, you can close the washer and prepare to run an empty cycle.

For the best results, set the washer on hot. The hot water without any detergent or other substances will clean the inside of the washer.

If your machine is extremely dirty, you can add bleach to the hot water to get rid of the other stains and build up.

After the wash is over, take out the dispenser drawer and soak it. Again, if your dispenser drawer is very dirty, you can add bleach to it to help the cleaning process.

Wipe the drawer with a cloth after it’s done soaking. If the drawer still has stains, use a toothbrush to get rid of the excess dirt.

Now you have to clean the outside of your machine. To wash the outside of your washing machine, first get a damp, hot cloth. Wipe down the exterior of the machine.

For a deeper cleaning, pull back the seal on the door and clean the area underneath.