Do Washing Machines Rust?

Washing machines are expensive tools that need maintenance. Although they aid the laundry process greatly, they also cause problems as they age.

One problem they cause is rusting. Do washing machines rust?

Yes, as a washing machine ages, it will rust. The metal inside your washing machine is the metal that can rust away. For old washers, you should look out for rusting inside your machine. For new washers, you should work to prevent rust from building up over time.

The older your washer is, the more likely it will have rust.

The rest of this article will cover why washing machines rust, how to remove rust stains, and how to prevent your machine from rusting.

Why Washing Machines Rust

Rusting is common with certain metals, such as iron. Iron is a very common metal inside washing machines.

If you’ve ever had a metal chain necklace, after a while, you’ll see the metal turn into a copper color to show it’s rusting. The same happens to washing machines.

On the bright side, more modern-day washers are made with stainless steel that’s resistant to rust. However, rust can still grow thanks to how much moisture washing machines are exposed to.

Another reason why rust develops is that foreign metal is inside the washing machine.

Paper clips, keychains, keys, and other metal objects that are easily forgotten in pockets can fall out in the washing machine and cause rust.

How To Remove Rust Stains

To remove rust stains, you don’t need much. There are two very cost-friendly methods you can try. The first has to do with lemons or other fruits containing citric acid like limes. This method is best for small, new stains.

Put the juice from the lemon on the stain and let it air dry. After letting it air dry, wipe the spot with cold water. Be careful not to wipe too hard, otherwise you may damage the other, unstained areas around the rust.

If that doesn’t work, you can try distilled vinegar. Put the vinegar on the stains, then let the washing machine run a cycle without anything in it.

To see the best results, put your washer on a hot water setting. If there is any excess rust, use a cloth to wipe it off.

If the stain is still stubborn and won’t leave, then turn to rust stain removers from your local department store.

How To Prevent Your Washing Machine From Rusting

Preventing rust is easier than it sounds, but it will require some additional products and a keen eye. You’ll first need to monitor your machine and know its age.

If your washing machine is brand new, you don’t need to worry about rust as much. If it’s older, keep an eye on it.

The problem with rust in washing machines is that the inside of them is always damp. The dampness is the perfect environment for rust to develop. This when combined with bleach makes for rapid rust growth.

To prevent the rust from growing, limit how much bleach you use in your washer. The bleach can wear away at the metal because of how powerful it is. If you have alternatives for bleach, use them.

Along with that, you have to do something about the dampness. When you’re done with a load of laundry, wipe down the inside with a dry cloth to remove the moisture.

Laundry is very tiring, and the thought of doing more work is draining, but it’ll prevent rust.

Not only will wiping down your washer prevent rust, but it’ll prevent your washer from smelling as well. Without the moisture building up inside the small space, odor won’t develop as strongly.