How To Wash a Coonskin Cap

You might be wondering how to keep a coonskin cap clean. How do you store it when it’s not in use? You need to know how to wash a coonskin cap.

How you care for your coonskin cap will depend on whether it’s made from natural fur or faux fur. These have slightly different requirements than other materials. However, you can take care of many common cleaning problems at home.

I’ll discuss tips on keeping your coonskin cap clean and dry.

Cleaning a Natural Fur Coonskin Cap

If you’ve got a natural fur coonskin cap, you’ll want to take it annually to a furrier for cleaning. These experts have the best knowledge and materials for cleaning natural fur items.

Don’t take it to a standard dry cleaner, since the chemicals can ruin the hat.

Keeping Your Coonskin Cap Clean and Dry

Much of your home care of a natural fur coonskin cap will be preventative.

  • You should keep any natural fur items away from makeup, perfumes, and hair care products. These have the potential to damage the fur. Don’t wear the cap after putting on any of these products.
  • If the coonskin cap gets wet, shake off the excess water and allow the cap to air dry. Instead of a flat surface, put the hat on a dry hat or wig form. Do not use sources of direct heat, like a blow dryer.
  • If storing your coonskin cap, use a cotton storage bag, not a plastic bag. Keep it in a cool, dry location.
  • If the cap gets out of shape, you can brush it back gently with a good quality pet brush

Cleaning Faux Fur Caps

How you clean a faux fur coonskin cap depends on the type of faux fur.

Unlike natural fur caps, the care instructions for a faux fur hat will usually be inside a tag.

The cap might be hand washable, machine washable, or dry clean only.

Like a natural fur cap, much of the care of a faux fur cap will be preventative. You should also be able to spot clean for most of the cap’s lifetime.

Machine or Hand Washing

Whether using a washing machine or hand washing, use cool water. If you’re using a washing machine, set it on a gentle cycle to wash the cap.

In either case, use a mild detergent.

If you’re using the dryer, put it on a cool setting. A hot setting can melt the fur fibers. Otherwise, let the cap air dry on a jar or hat mold.

What if it gets Matted?

You can easily unmat faux fur at home.

  • Dilute a teaspoon of hair conditioner with two cups of warm water.
  • Use a sprayer to spritz the mixture onto the cap.
  • Brush the fur gently with a soft-bristled brush.
  • If hairs are coming out of the hat as you brush, you’re brushing it too hard.
  • After you’ve brushed the cap, wipe it clean with a wet cloth and allow it to air dry.

How Do I Spot Clean a Faux Fur Coonskin Cap?

You should clean any stains on the cap as soon as possible. Spot treat it with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Allow the hat to air dry on a jar or hat mold.

Store your faux fur cap in a cotton storage bag.


If you have a natural fur coonskin cap, take it to a furrier for expert cleaning.

Depending on the care instructions, you can spot clean and wash a faux fur coonskin cap at home.