How To Wash a Minky Blanket

A Minky blanket can be difficult to wash as special precautions need to be taken during the washing process and certain practices must be avoided.

If it is washed incorrectly, the fibers on a Minky blanket can be damaged.

Here, I’ve outlined the necessary steps to wash a Minky blanket correctly, in an easy-to-follow manner.

Here are the 4 steps:

  • 1. Wash the blanket with cold water.
  • 2. Use mild detergent.
  • 3. Machine-wash it with cold water.
  • 4. Dry the blanket correctly.

Read on the explore these steps in more detail in this guide. Happy reading!

What You’re Going To Need

Before you start washing your minky blanket, make sure you have all the things you need. Here’s a list of them.

  • Mild liquid or powder detergent
  • Alternatively, you can use a combination of vinegar and baking soda

That’s all you need to wash a minky blanket!

Step 1 – Wash It With Cold Water

This step is important. Washing with cold water ensures that the blanket’s fibers are not damaged and that it retains its softness.

If you wash it with hot water, the blanket’s fibers will melt and its texture won’t be the same.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your minky blanket should be washed alone.

You shouldn’t wash it with other laundry items as that may damage the blanket itself or the other articles of clothing.

So, wash it with cold water and wash it separately.

Step 2 – Use Very Mild Detergent

Strong detergents can be harmful to your minky blanket.

They can damage the fibers on the blanket and affect its softness. So I recommend using mild detergents (in powder or liquid form).

Detergents for sensitive skin are also a good option.

When you’re washing your minky blanket, you also need to avoid using any kind of fabric softeners or laundry pods.

Fabric softener tends to get stuck on the fibers of a minky blanket and is very hard to get rid of, even with water.

It can remain on the fibers after the wash cycle and can harden, giving your blanket a rough texture.

Step 3 – Machine-wash With Cold Water

Again, cold water is important for reasons I’ve explored previously.

When you put your minky blanket in the machine, make sure you set a delicate washing cycle with cold water.

This will ensure the fibers are not damaged during the cycle.

Cold and delicate wash settings work best for minky blankets. This way, the blanket doesn’t lose its soft feel and texture.

Step 4 – Dry Your Minky Blanket Gently

The last step in washing your minky blanket may be simple but it should be done carefully if you want to avoid damaging the blanket.

Yes, a minky blanket can be damaged if it is not dried properly. The best way to dry a minky blanket is to hang it up on a clothesline outdoors.

You can then pop it into a dryer and set it to tumble dry so that it can fluff up again.

Providing heat to the blanket during the drying process can easily melt the fibers and I do not recommend it at all.

Additionally, a minky blanket can not be ironed, dry-cleaned, or bleached.

Final thoughts

A minky blanket is very delicate and it should be handled – and washed with great care.

If the required care is not taken at any step of the washing process, the blanket can easily get damaged and may not have the same texture and feel.

Hence there is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to washing a minky blanket, which I’ve explored in detail in this guide.