How To Wash Football Jerseys

Football is a sport that is taxing on both the body and the gear that an athlete wears. This is especially true for football jerseys. Do you know how to wash football jerseys?

The stains they acquire over time can be difficult to deal with.

Remove any large chunks of dirt from the jersey and wash it in a warm setting to ensure maximum results. Put the clothing through a cycle of drying within the machine if you are in a hurry. Allow it to air dry only in the cases when time is abundant.

Keep reading to learn more about how to best use the washing machine to wash a football jersey; we can finish up with some tips on how to deal with the odor that jerseys tend to acquire over continued use.

How To Wash a Football Jersey

Step #1

Inspect the jersey and remove any large particles of dirt and put it into the washing machine.

Step #2

Try to provide water that is high in temperature as this allows for deeper cleaning than what would be possible otherwise.

Step #3

It is recommended to use a sports detergent as it is specifically designed to thoroughly clean sports gear in terms of odor and resilient stains.

Step #4

Dry the clothing in the washing machine at low heat or a neutral setting to ensure optimal results. Leave the jersey out to air dry as this is an even better option but I understand that this will not always be possible for you considering time constraints.

Step #5

After the jersey has been dried, check for any remaining marks so you can put the jersey through another cycle. You can also mix vinegar and the same detergent with water and clean the jersey with the use of a brush if you feel like certain stains need that approach.

How To Deal With Football Jersey Odor?

Football jerseys are made up of synthetic fibers which are designed to keep athletes cool.

As a downside, the fibers tend to trap the body oils and sweat of the players and form a breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria.

This creates a stinky odor and can also cause various skin conditions if it is allowed to endure.

Using warm water will help to loosen up the fibers and make it easier for them to let go of the bacteria.

However, without the use of a proper sports detergent that is specifically designed for these kinds of clothes, the jerseys will hold on to the odor.

It is best to acquire such a detergent as it will ensure that your jersey smells pleasant through successive games and practices.

Do not worry about the detergent damaging the clothing as the jerseys are built to last.

Feel free to toss other items into the same cycle if they are made of similar fabrics that encompass your sports kit as they will have to be washed in the same manner.  

Do not add these clothes to a cycle dedicated to other clothes as they could require a delicate wash and the strong chemicals within the detergent can end up damaging them, something that wouldn’t happen with the jersey.


Football jerseys need wash cycles after each use to ensure that they smell good and do not cause bacterial infections as they are quite common among athletes that play contact sports.

It is also good etiquette to practice these basic levels of hygiene before each instance of play.