How To Wash Toms Shoes

Tom shoes are fun and comfortable to wear for everyday activities. They present the perfect blend of comfort but consistent use can cause them to become dirty.

Do you know how to wash them?

You can wash tom shoes by hand or you can simply toss them into a washing machine for a quick wash. The dryer can harm the shoes so it is best to leave them out to allow them to air out properly without leaving any odors behind.

There are also ways to deodorize the soles through simple household items.

Keep reading to understand each of these processes in greater detail along with how one could be more suited to you than others in certain circumstances.

Machine Washing Toms Shoes

Step 1: Use Delicate Setting

You should use the mildest setting that the machine has, many appliances come with the option of a ‘delicate’ cycle and this is the perfect one for tom shoes since they are made of fabric that is quite thin.

Step 2: Use Cold Water

Set the water temperature to the coldest setting available.

Step 3: Use Mild Detergent

Add one-fourth of the detergent you use for one of your normal cycles for delicate clothing. These instructions are mentioned in the instruction manual that comes with each washing machine. Once again, the detergent should be mild.

Step 4: Do Not Dry

Allow water to flow inside and turn the flow off once the machine is about 75% full. This should be enough for the job. Do not dry the tom shoes in the machine; allow them to air dry instead.

Step 5: Repeat Until Clean

If stains remain, repeat the cycle or clean them by hand through the process that was mentioned before.

Hand Washing Toms Shoes

Step 1: Use Soft Brush Or Rag To Get Dirt Off

Use a soft brush to clean the shoes, using a harder brush can damage the fabric of the shoe and will reduce its lifespan of the shoe.

Be gentle in brushing the dirt off from around the edges of the shoe as that is usually where dirt is the most concentrated because of walking.

Step 2: Mix Mild Detergent and Cold Water

You should then proceed to pour cold water into a bowl. You will not need much water if you have only one pair of shoes.

Add mild detergent to the water and mix it thoroughly.

Keep in mind that stronger forms of detergent can end up damaging your shoe in the long run and should be avoided to ensure a longer lifespan.

Step 3: Dip Brush In Detergent and Lightly Brush Stains

Dip the brush into the water and then begin to apply the brush onto the shoe gently to get rid of resilient stains.

If your shoes have sewing patterns, make sure to brush in a direction that does not damage them, brushing can cause damage in such regards.

Step 4: Air Dy Shoes and Repeat Until They’re Clean

Allow the shoes to dry and watch for any remaining stains, you will have to repeat the above-mentioned process again until they are all gone.

If you clean them regularly, one cycle should be enough to clean them for maintenance.

Deodorizing The Leather Soles

  1. Mix together 1 cup of corn starch and half cups of baking powder and baking soda each.
  2. Use a bag to shake later to make sure that have mixed well.
  3. You can choose to add essential oils in the quantity that you like as this helps to add a certain fragrance, this is up to you.
  4. Apply the mixture overnight and wash it off with water after approximately eight hours. It will refresh the look of the pair.


Washing tom shoes is actually quite simple but the lack of proper instructions leads owners to cause damage.

This article has provided the necessary guidelines to ensure proper cleaning in whatever manner suits you the most.