How To Wash Uggs

Did you also invest heavily in your uggs and want to know how you can wash uggs to maintain them for a more extended period? 

Washing uggs is considered to be tricky. However, this is not always the case.

Stains of mud, water, and salts can easily be removed by using products like suede protectors, suede cleaners, suede brushes, and mild soaps. By keeping little techniques in mind, the uggs boots can be sustained for longer.

In the rest of the article, we will discuss in detail each of the methods that you can use to wash uggs.

The correct cleaning method will help you use your uggs for a more extended period of time and make your investment worthwhile. 

Washing Ugg Boots – What You Need To Know

Uggs are super comfortable to wear because of their coziness and warmth. However, their maintenance is as difficult as the coziness they provide.

Although most people prefer to wear uggs, they often forget that uggs need proper cleaning and care.

As the cleaning methods are a little bit complicated, people even forget to clean their uggs by patting them with a paper towel. 

As the uggs are made from sheep’s skin or suede, they are very vulnerable to water, mud, and stains.

Hence, the uggs are highly sensitive. They can even shrink in high temperatures if they are left wet. 

The most widely used method to clean your uggs is to use the suede protector that is often sold by the uggs brands directly.

This method is mainly suggested for those who don’t have the time to clean their uggs after every use.

However, if these protectors are out of stock, you still have many ways to clean the uggs. Some of the cleaning methods are listed below:

Methods for Salt and Mud Stains

Walking in snow also increases the risk of salt stains n your uggs boots. Here is how to wash uggs to get rid of salt stains.

  1. Firstly, mix a gentle soap in a tub of cool water.
  2. Secondly, dip soft cotton in the mixture and gently pat the stained area of the boots.
  3. Lastly,  let it dry in the air at an average temperature. 

Moreover, if you unconsciously walk through a puddle, your boots will be stained with mud.

Do not worry. It is easier to remove mud stains. Start off by letting the mud dry completely.

Then, use a suede brush to remove the dried mud gently as much as possible.

You can also use an eraser to remove any shiny stains. Then dampen the stains and apply the suede cleaner using a sponge. 

Lastly, just as in the case of the rest of the cleaning methods, you should always allow your boots to dry up in the air.

It will ensure that your boots remain cozy. Should also note that exposing them to direct heat or sunlight can cause them to shrink or even deform.

Suede Cleaner for Water Stains

If you were out in rainy or snowy weather and your shoes got wet. You can use suede cleaner because it is highly efficient for cleaning water stains.

Firstly, rub your ugg boots with a suede brush to remove any surface dirt. Then, with the help of a sponge, dampen your shoes and clean them using a suede cleaner. 

Furthermore, remove the suede cleaner with the help of cotton cloth.

Then fill the boot with the paper towel to retain its shape while drying.

You have to dry the boots at average room temperature. Putting the shoes under direct light is to be avoided at all costs.