How To Wash Yeezys

Yeezy sneakers are some of the most popular footwear in the world and are largely ignored by those who own them.

They also cost quite a bit of money, so naturally, you’ll want to keep them looking as clean and close to new as possible.

Luckily there’s an easy process for you to clean and protect your Yeezys. 

You can clean your Yeezys in 6 steps:

  1. Remove the insoles and laces
  2. Mix vinegar and water
  3. Use a hard-bristled brush in the mixture to scrub the soles
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe the soles
  5. Use a wet soft-bristled brush to scrub the rest of the shoe
  6. Dry in a cool place

In the rest of the article, I’ll walk you through these steps in more detail and give tips for issues you might run into.

What You’re Going to Need

  • A bowl
  • a spoon
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Hard-bristled brush
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Cloth or rag

Video Tutorial

Step 1 – Remove the Insoles and Laces

You want to ensure that you don’t damage the insoles or laces, so you’ll need to remove both before cleaning. Ensure you remove the laces carefully and don’t tear the islets. 

Step 2 – Mix Vinegar and Water

In a bowl, put one part water and two parts white vinegar using a spoon to ensure they’re mixed well.

You can also use a special shoe cleaner instead of the vinegar and water mixture, which you can buy online or in your local shoe store. 

Tip: Mix some extra in a separate bowl and let the laces soak while you scrub your shoes so they will look good as new. 

Step 3 – Use a Hard-bristled Brush in the Mixture to Scrub the Soles

Since the sole is the dirtiest part of your shoe, use a hard bristle brush dipped in the vinegar and water mixture to scrub the stubborn dirt.

The sole is also the most durable part of the shoot, so don’t worry about cleaning it a bit harder. Just avoid the stitching.

You can use a cloth or rag if you don’t have a hard bristle brush. 

Step 4 – Use a Damp Cloth to Wipe the Soles

Once you’re done scrubbing the soles, use a damp cloth or rag to wipe any of the dirt lingering on the soles.

Ensure you get the sides, and the Boost window, a triangular-shaped area on the shoe’s sole that traps dirt and dust efficiently. 

Step 5 – Use a Wet Soft-bristled Brush to Scrub the Rest of the Shoe

Switching it to a soft bristle brush, dip the brush into the water and put your hand inside the shoe as an anchor.

Use the brush to scrub the other shoe parts besides the sole lightly. Try to keep water from getting inside the shoe, and having your hand in the way can help protect it. 

Tip: Most Yeezys allow you to remove the insole, which can help you avoid damaging the inside. 

Step 6 – Dry in a Cool Place

Once you get as much dirt off as you can, leave them in a cool space with plenty of airflow.

Ensure that you aren’t putting your Yeezys next to a heater or another heat source, as it can melt the shoe.

Tip: Find a waterproofing spray that you can use to help repel dirt and mud from staining your shoes.

Final Thoughts

Now you know an easy way to keep your Yeezys looking new.

Make sure to give some attention to the laces, whether you replace them or soak them in soapy water to get them clean.

Even just scrubbing the soles can have your shoes looking way better.