How To Clean a Sheepskin Rug

A Sheepskin rug makes a beautiful addition to any home’s interior. It can create a cozy and warm look. They are like any other rug except when it comes time to clean them. Sheepskin rugs can be easily cleaned at home but will require a few special steps and tools to get the job done … Read more

How To Wash Nugget Covers

Nuggets are useful for children to play with and even rest when they get tired. Do you know how to wash the covers without damaging them? They tend to acquire stains over the course of days as children have a habit of making a mess. The steps for cleaning nugget covers are as follows: Remove … Read more

How To Wash Love Sac Covers

Lovesac sofas are comfortable pieces of furniture that are highly valued in many homes. Do you know how to clean a LoveSac cover? A dirty piece of furniture can be very frustrating and should be taken care of as it will affect the look of the room it is in. The steps for cleaning LoveSac … Read more

How To Wash a Windbreaker

Windbreakers are warm, comfortable, and much needed in colder months. Since they are used frequently in colder months, they can easily get dirty and stained with extended use. The process of washing them is slightly complicated as they’re made from delicate materials and thus extra care needs to be taken while doing it. Here, I’ve … Read more

How To Wash a Basketball Jersey

Dirt, sweat, and many other impurities can easily build up on basketball jerseys during a game. You might not think there’s much to washing a basketball jersey as it is a fairly simple task. While that is true, one does need to be careful when doing it as certain incorrect practices may affect the texture … Read more

How To Wash Air Force 1’s

Anybody who has ever owned a pair of Nike’s Air Force 1s will testify to the fact that the shoes are a nightmare to clean. Due to their material and color, Air Force 1s can get dirty pretty quickly, and cleaning them can often be tedious. In this guide, I will go over the steps … Read more

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes

‘Hey dudes’ is a company that makes affordable footwear and has become quite popular recently. The special thing about them is that they make shoes that are designed to last longer. You can wash them in a washing machine but be sure to remove any chunks and particles before putting them into a washing machine … Read more

How To Wash Toms Shoes

Tom shoes are fun and comfortable to wear for everyday activities. They present the perfect blend of comfort but consistent use can cause them to become dirty. Do you know how to wash them? You can wash tom shoes by hand or you can simply toss them into a washing machine for a quick wash. … Read more

How To Wash Football Jerseys

Football is a sport that is taxing on both the body and the gear that an athlete wears. This is especially true for football jerseys. Do you know how to wash football jerseys? The stains they acquire over time can be difficult to deal with. Remove any large chunks of dirt from the jersey and … Read more

How To Wash a Minky Blanket

A Minky blanket can be difficult to wash as special precautions need to be taken during the washing process and certain practices must be avoided. If it is washed incorrectly, the fibers on a Minky blanket can be damaged. Here, I’ve outlined the necessary steps to wash a Minky blanket correctly, in an easy-to-follow manner. … Read more