How To Wash a Pillow Pet

Washing a Pillow Pet is easy and doesn’t take long at all. You’ll want to ensure you know how to do so correctly, so you don’t damage the toy. Put your Pillow Pet in a white pillowcase. Tie the ends of the pillowcase to enclose the Pillow Pet. Wash the plush in your washing machine … Read more

How to Wash Hoka Shoes | Step-By-Step 

Hoka makes some of the best running shoes on the planet – footwear designed to keep your feet safe and comfortable when running on pretty much any surface imaginable. These shoes are great for pounding the pavement, running on trails, going hiking and backpacking, and even just getting in some training sessions in the gym. … Read more

How To Wash Patagonia Fleece

Patagonia is a popular outdoor clothing company known for their high-quality fleece jackets. While these jackets are built to last, they will eventually need to be washed. With a little care, your Patagonia fleece will stay looking like new for years to come. The good news is that washing Patagonia fleece is fairly easy, as … Read more

How To Wash Samsonite Luggage  

Regardless of whether or not your Samsonite luggage gets a ton of weekly use (really racking up the frequent flyer miles alongside you) or only gets taken out of the closet a handful of times a year for vacation makes no difference. You want your luggage (especially expensive, quality Samsonite luggage) to be last. That … Read more

How to Wash Football Gloves

Football gloves can get pretty nasty over the course of a season. Between the sweat, dirt, and grime, they can start to smell pretty bad. But washing them doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s how to wash football gloves: Step 1: Start by removing any loose dirt or debris from the gloves. Step 2: … Read more

How to Wash Hockey Jersey

Washing a hockey jersey may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s important to avoid using a dryer, as this can cause the jersey to shrink or damage the fabric. To remove stubborn stains, try pre-treating the area with a stain remover before washing. With a little care, your hockey jersey … Read more

How to Wash Crocs

Crocs are an excellent lightweight and popular choice of footwear regardless of what kinds of activities you’re doing. However, if you decide to wear your Crocs in the garden or even go outside in the rain quickly, you will need to clean them. Luckily getting your Crocs to look good as new is a straightforward … Read more

How To Wash a White Hat

If your formerly bright white hat is now dingy, you might be wondering how to wash it. Washing a white hat at home is surprisingly easy. Use gentle cleaning materials and pay attention to the material of the hat.  I’ll go over cleaning methods step by step. Step 1: Find out What Your Hat is … Read more

How To Wash a Coonskin Cap

You might be wondering how to keep a coonskin cap clean. How do you store it when it’s not in use? You need to know how to wash a coonskin cap. How you care for your coonskin cap will depend on whether it’s made from natural fur or faux fur. These have slightly different requirements … Read more