What Does Pre-Soak Mean On Washing Machine?

The presoak setting on your washing machine gives an extra 30 minutes of soap time at the beginning of the cleaning cycle. Having the soak time along with your detergent allows the removal of stains such as grass or even blood stains. 

Let’s discover what differentiates the presoak cycle from other wash settings and when you should use it.

What is the Difference Between Pre Wash and Soak?

The presoak option is filling the tub of a washing machine and letting the clothes sit in the water and detergent for a certain amount of time before going into the wash cycle.

The pre-wash option adds a wash segment to the overall cycle. Instead of washing your clothes once, it’ll do that twice, and it’s much faster to use pre-wash than presoak. 

When Should You Use Presoak? 

The presoak setting is great if you have heavily soiled laundry or want to treat specific stains.

It may be that you put some product on to the things before putting them in, or you’re hoping that the machine will do most of the work for you.

It will allow those things to loosen up, removing them when they go through the wash cycle. 

How Do You Presoak Cloths in a Front Load Washer?

Front-load washers will have a specific presoak setting, so you cannot automatically add a presoak into your overall wash cycle.

However, you can stop the cycle and let it sit for however long you want before turning the washer back on and completing the wash cycle.

It may be better for some materials because you have more control over how long the clothes will soak.

Some top-load washing machines have specific presoak times that you can use, but they are limited to a specific set.

Can you Use Bleach in the presoak?

Generally speaking, it’s better not to add bleach, especially if your machine has a longer soap time.

Any bleach will whiten whatever you’re using it on, even if it’s in the water, so the longer you leave it, the more damage to the fabric.

You can shorten the presoak time if you want to add a little bleach to a load of whites. 

Do You Add More Detergent After the Presoak Cycle?

None of the detergents should dissipate or get used at this point since the water is just standing still and not draining. Therefore you don’t need to add any more detergent at that point. 

Is Presoak or Extra Rinse Better?

Which is better depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. The appropriate soak setting is better if you want to improve how clean your clothes are, especially if there are any stains you need to get out.

At the same time, the extra rinse setting is great for removing detergent residue, which is important for those with sensitive skin.

What Happens if You Soak Clothes for Too Long?

When you soak clothing in water, the fibers in the fabric start to swell, which can weaken them.

If you soak your clothes for an extended time regularly, this will eventually leave a lot of wear on the fabric, where it can get holes or rips.

It’s better to soak your clothes for a short time before putting them through the entire wash cycle.

Final Thoughts

The presoak option is the best way to help lift any stubborn stains in your clothing.

It will add an extra 30 minutes to the beginning of your wash cycle after the top of your washing machine fills with water, allowing the things to loosen so they can remove when it goes through the wash cycle.