Will Rit Dye Stain Washing Machine?

While being able to dye oversized garments at a click of a button on your automatic washer seems like a great idea, those who have never used Rit Dye before might be a little nervous about what happens when they put dye in their washing machine.

Are all of their clothes going to end up purple? 

Rit Dye isn’t going to stain your washing machine permanently. However, it would be best if you immediately cleaned the drum of your washing machine after dying so that there isn’t any standing on the plastic components of the washer.

Ensure that you wipe around the inside of the lid and use a little bleach through the internal dispenser because the dyes might get in those areas. 

Let’s discover the correct steps to clean your washing machine after using Rit Dye to ensure there isn’t any staining. 

Should You Use Rit Dye in Your Washing Machine?

Your washing machine is probably the best option when using Rit Dye since it mostly has metal components that will stain.

If you were to use this dye in your bathtub or sink, it could stain more easily if they are made from a plastic material. 

How to Clean a Washing Machine After Rit Dye

If your washing machine has some stains after using Rit Dye, or you find some standing when you decide to wash whatever garment you’ve dyed, then there are some steps you can take to get the diet.

It would be best if you did this as soon as you notice that there is dye in the drum of your washing machine, so it doesn’t stain permanently.

What You’ll Need

  • Chlorine bleach
  • Old towels or rags
  • Rubber gloves

Step 1 – Wipe the inside of the lid

The plastic parts of a washer are the most likely to get dye stains, so you want to make sure that you wait not only at the inside of the lid but also around it. 

Step 2 – Add some old towels or rags.

Add some old towels or rags to your washer. This will allow the sides of the washer to get wiped down while going through a wash cycle, and the towels will be able to soak up some of the leftover dye so that it doesn’t stay in the washer.

Step 3 – Fill the washer with hot water.

Fill your washer to the highest point with the hottest water setting. This will ensure that you get all parts of the drum of the washer, and we’ll be able to get the stains lifted with the heat of the water.

Step 4 – Put bleach into the internal dispenser.

If your washing machine has an internal dispenser, add some bleach. However, if your washing machine doesn’t have one of these dispensers, you can two a cup of bleach into the washer’s drum. Ensure that you add some detergent as usual. 

Step 5 – Run a complete wash cycle.

Run your washing machine through an entire wash cycle to ensure that all the dye is cleaned from the side and the water has drained away.

After the entire wash cycle, you rarely check your machine’s plastic components for any residual dye. If you see any, wipe down those parts or repeat the process.

Final Thoughts

Rit Dye isn’t going to explain any of the metal components of your washing machine. However, the plastic parts may stain if you don’t wash your washing machine immediately after using Right Dye.

You can do this easily by adding some bleach with your detergent and running through a complete wash cycle with hot water.