What Does OE Mean On A Kenmore Washing Machine?

The language of washing machines is often a difficult one to understand, particularly when it comes to the strange error codes that pop up on the display.

If you’ve seen this one before, then you will be wondering, what does “OE” mean on a Kenmore washing machine?

The Kenmore washing machine error code “OE” is referring to a drainage error. This typically means that the machine has not been able to fully drain itself within ten minutes.

Read ahead to find out more about this error code, and what you might need to do when you see it.

What Does An “OE” Drain Error Mean?

There is a ridiculously long list of different error codes that you might see on a Kenmore washing machine, so you can’t be expected to remember them all.

Some models will also have a different list of codes for the same errors, which doesn’t exactly help things.

Fortunately, the “OE” error code always means the same thing. It is a drain error.

Your washing machine is telling you that it has tried to drain off the excess water in the drum, but it has not been able to do so.

It usually appears when the machine can still detect water inside after ten minutes of attempted drainage.

Can You Solve An OE Error Yourself?

Some error codes are a warning signal to get in touch with an engineer as soon as possible, but others you can troubleshoot on your own.

An “OE” error can usually be solved relatively easily – depending on the problem – although it can be a pretty messy process.

First, have a look inside the “coin trap” to see if any objects have accumulated there. Then, you may need to try cleaning out the filler and the drain hose.

How To Clean Kenmore Washing Machine Filter

The most common reason why your machine is not properly draining will be a clogged filter or hose. Cleaning it out is likely to be a wet and messy job, so have a lot of buckets and towels on hand.

Note: any water inside your machine is probably going to come out when you remove the filter.

To clean out your filter and drain hose:

  1. Remove the lower front panel from the machine.
  2. Place a container under the filter to collect excess water.
  3. Release the filter (this may require you to remove a cover).
  4. Clear out anything inside the filter.
  5. Check the drain hose for any blockages that may also need clearing.
  6. Replace the filter and front panel.

Why Is My Washing Machine Still Not Draining?

Although a clogged filter or pipe is the most likely culprit when you see an “OE” drain error, it’s not the only possible cause.

If you have checked the drain hose and the filter and you have not found any blockages, then you probably have a problem with the pump itself.

If your drain pump is defective, then it will need to be replaced. This is a job that is usually best left to a professional.

Conclusion: What Does OE Mean On A Kenmore Washing Machine?

So, what does “OE” mean on a Kenmore washing machine? “OE” is an error code that indicates a drainage problem.

It means that your washing machine has not been able to fully drain out the water inside within ten minutes.

Often, this is the result of a blockage of some kind, and it can be cleared by checking the filter and drain hose behind the front panel of your machine.

Otherwise, it may mean that the drain pump itself is not working properly, and you will probably need to replace it with a new one.