How To Wash a Denim Jacket

Washing denim can be a little different than other fabrics since it has to be dealt with delicately.

Washing it too harshly can cause permanent damage, and of course, a lot of headaches.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, which is why we have outlined the following steps to help you wash your denim jacket correctly:

  1. Turn the jacket inside out
  2. Spot-clean any blemished areas first
  3. Keep denim separate from other fabrics whilst cleaning
  4. Hand-wash or machine-wash
  5. Always use cold water and a mild detergent
  6. Flat dry as opposed to dry cleaning.
  7. Use steam roller to reshape the jacket

In the rest of the article, you will find more details, tips, and tricks regarding these steps so you’re able to clean your denim jacket without making mistakes.

What You Need to Clean Your Denim Jacket

  • A toothbrush or a cloth
  • Cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • Washing machine (if deep cleaning is necessary)
  • Steam iron

Step 1: Turning the Jacket Inside Out

It’s a smart step to turn the jacket inside out before cleaning since this prevents the detergent from tampering with the dyes and also ensures that the inner parts of the jacket are thoroughly cleaned.

You can additionally button up the jacket before cleaning to protect it against wear and tear.

Step 2: Spot-Cleaning

If your jacket only has a specific area that needs cleaning, simply spot-clean by using a toothbrush or cloth and a mild detergent.

Just rub the area till it’s satisfactorily clean and you’re good to go. You don’t have to waste an entire laundry cycle just to clean a small part of your jacket.

Step 3: Separating Denim from Other Fabrics

As a fabric, denim is a bit sensitive, so you need to make sure you’re washing it separately in the washing machine.

If you wash it along with other garments, not only would the denim fail to be thoroughly cleaned, but it will also cause wear and tear on other fabrics, leading to a mess at the end.

Step 4: Hand Wash or Machine Wash?

The general rule of thumb here is that if your denim jacket is unclean to the point where spot-cleaning or handwashing wouldn’t suffice, it’s perfectly okay to use a washing machine.

It’s better to machine wash your jacket as opposed to getting it dry cleaned, since many dry cleaners use harsh detergents that can permanently damage denim.

For handwashing, use a tiny amount of your detergent and soak your jacket in cold water. Leave it like this for a couple of hours and afterwards, let it air-dry completely.

Step 5: Use Cold Water and a Mild Detergent

Using warm water to clean your denim jacket can lead to friction which might weaken the denim’s overall hold and structure.

It can also cause the dyes in the fabric to leach out and bleed. This is why it’s recommended to always use cold water and a mild detergent.

Additionally, if you’re cleaning using a washing machine, make sure to keep it on the lowest cycle possible.

Step 6: Flat Dry After Washing

Avoid using any form of dryers after washing your denim jacket since they can cause shrinkage in the denim’s structure. Instead, leave it out on a flat surface and let it air dry.

Step 7: Use Steam Rollers to Reshape the Jacket

Use a steam roller to restructure the jacket while keeping it hung with a durable hanger. You can run the steam roller both on the insides and outsides of the jacket to fully bring it back to shape.

Final Thoughts

Washing denim can be a little tricky, but it’s only hard till it’s not.

The best thing about denim is that it does not require regular washing as compared to other fabrics, making it not only low-maintenance but also an aesthetic and timeless choice for any garment.