How To Wash Love Sac Covers

Lovesac sofas are comfortable pieces of furniture that are highly valued in many homes.

Do you know how to clean a LoveSac cover?

A dirty piece of furniture can be very frustrating and should be taken care of as it will affect the look of the room it is in.

The steps for cleaning LoveSac covers are as follows:

  1. Remove the covers from the LoveSac in the manner outlined in the instruction manual that came with the article.
  2. Put it into the washing machine, and set it on a low intensity for the wash cycle.
  3. Allow the cycle to complete, do not machine dry the covers.
  4. Let it air dry and then repeat until the covers are clean.

For the rest of this article, we are going to discuss these steps in greater detail, the things that can go wrong, and share some additional things you ought to know.

How To Wash a Love Sac

Step #1

According to their official guidelines, you can wash the LoveSac cover in a washing machine set on a gentle setting so that the fabric does not tear apart.

Step #2

Ensure that the washing machine is set on a cold water setting.

Step #3

You should use a chemically suitable form of detergent that is designed to specifically cater to delicate forms of material so that the covers do not get damaged by the chemicals within the compound.

You can also opt to use a fabric softener as it will help with comfort.

This is recommended only for some occasions as doing it every time is going to cause the color to fade, reducing the lifespan of the article.

You should note that using fabric softener will help you with comfort as it provides a softer feel to the article.

Step #4

If the stains seem to be especially resilient, you can treat the spots with stain-removing products such as vinegar.

This is the most desirable option as it saves up a lot of your time and should be the approach that you employ the most.

Step #5

The actual steps for cleaning have been outlined in the introduction. You can repeat the cycle as many times as you think is necessary depending on the resilience of the stains you want to get rid of.

It is suitable to alternate between machine cycles and topical cleaning cycles to ensure results and maintain a clean look.


Even though LoveSac does not provide an exact official guide as to how their product is to be washed, their FAQ section gives many useful tips.

The most prominent one is that they think the product should be cleaned through the use of topical cleaning supplies such as vinegar and sponge soap and that the machine washing strategy must always be treated as a last resort.

What is a LoveSac?

These are one of the most popular pieces of furniture that are known for the level of comfort they provide.

They are like beanbags but are not filled with the same material. They are filled with foam and have been designed solely for the purpose of comfort.

Washing the cover is easy but if you spill liquids onto it, the foam tends to absorb them and that can be problematic.


A LoveSac can quickly become uncomfortable if cleanliness is not properly ensured.

Always keep an eye on the covers for any marks that weren’t there before to maximize the results you want with the least amount of effort both in terms of time and lifespan reduction.

Because of avoidable exposure to strong chemicals within detergents and washing machines in general.