How To Wash Nugget Covers

Nuggets are useful for children to play with and even rest when they get tired.

Do you know how to wash the covers without damaging them? They tend to acquire stains over the course of days as children have a habit of making a mess.

The steps for cleaning nugget covers are as follows:

  1. Remove the covers from the foam.
  2. Determine the type of stain and apply the outlined specific approach.
  3. Air dry
  4. Put the covers back on and be careful about ripping the covers.

For the rest of this article, we shall discuss the ways that nugget covers can be cleaned along with the different kinds of stains they tend to acquire.

We can end with some other general guidelines that will be helpful to you.

How To Wash Different Kinds Of Stains

Since nuggets are usually around children, they tend to acquire different kinds of stains and each one should be dealt with in a different manner.

Chocolate stains:

Since they are derived from oil, they can be difficult to deal with once they dry so it is best to deal with them while they are still fresh. 

Remove the excess chocolate from the covers with a butter knife but be careful not to smudge the chocolate even further.

Use a microfiber cloth along with any one of the following products; you are encouraged to look into each of them to determine what you want to go for:

  1. Folex
  2. Oxiclean
  3. Woolite
  4. Amodex

Food stains:

These also contain traces of oil in most cases and should be dealt with immediately.

They will have to be cleaned in the same way as the chocolate stains but note that they may require more effort in terms of cleaning cycles.

Crayon stains:

These contain traces of color and wax. These compounds are sticky and will be difficult to remove compared to the ones mentioned above.

The company recommends Amodex and alcohol for cleaning this kind of stain.  Scrape off the excess and then apply the compounds.

You will probably have to go through the cycle multiple times to achieve the desired results.

Fruit stains:

Most of these are tannin based. They can be cleaned with a hot water setting along with detergent.

Since nuggets are recommended for washing in a cold water setting, you must remove the stains before any machine cycles.

Use a detergent that is suited to cleaning the company’s product, it would be even better to use one of the products mentioned above in the ‘chocolate stains’ section.

Glue and stickers:

It is quite a common occurrence for owners to damage their product while removing this kind of stain. 

Use a wet cloth and rub either acetone or alcohol over the affected area to achieve desired results.

Grease stains:

You can use one of the cleaning detergents mentioned above, or you can try to use a powder absorber such as chalk or baking soda first and then allow it to sit.

Finish up with a washing cycle in a cold water setting.

Ink stains:

Ink stains tend to be made up of many pigments and dyes and this makes it difficult to deal with them in one solution.

The company recommends that you use Amodex as it is an instant ink stain remover and will provide results in the case of any kind of ink stain.


Be sure to consider the fact that some detergents can cause products to shrink and the nuggets might not fit the foam after the washing cycle.

Other than that, the covers are easy to clean and the processes for the most widespread kinds of stains have been mentioned above.