What is the PowerWash Cycle on a washing machine?

Washing the laundry can be a complicated task; there are several factors you must consider before beginning a wash cycle on your washing machine.

These elements can include fabric composition, how soiled the garment is, and what sort of cleaning agents work best with the washing machine.

What does the Powerwash cycle mean? A PowerWash cycle is meant for extra dirty clothes and to provide a more intense wash than normal wash cycles, which are usually adequate for daily laundry loads. 

For extra dirty clothing, the PowerWash cycle on Maytag machines can provide a deep clean that removes tough stains and odors by using heated water, heavy-duty agitation, thorough rinsing, and high-speed spin cycles.

PowerWash is a great setting to use when you have a large load of extra dirty clothing items, just make sure the clothing in the laundry load can withstand a heavy-duty wash cycle.

PowerWash is a proprietary feature offered only on Maytag brand washing machines.

How does the PowerWash Cycle work?

The PowerWash Cycle is a heavy-duty wash cycle that uses hot water, extra wash agitation, and high spin speeds for a clean that penetrates deep into even the sturdiest fabrics.

It does this within a single wash cycle, eliminating the need to pre-treat clothing with tough stains and odors.

The PowerWash setting also ensures a “deep fill” of the wash tub with plenty of water to ensure the hot water and soap are penetrating the fabric well.

A similar cycle can be attained by using the Extra Power button during Heavy Duty wash settings on other Maytag washer models.

PowerWash cycles last about 2 hours.

Which washers have the PowerWash Cycle?

Only certain models of Maytag washing machines have the PowerWash Cycle.

Maytag’s Top Load Washer with Deep Water Wash Option and PowerWash Cycle (Model MVWC565FW) features PowerWash as a washing cycle.

This cycle works in tandem with the Deep Fill option to ensure a thorough soak and wash of even the dirtiest clothing.

Additionally, PowerWash is a Maytag proprietary feature, so other brands like LG and Samsung may have heavy-duty wash cycles under different naming or branding.

When should I use the PowerWash Cycle?

The heavy-duty PowerWash cycle is best used for:

  • Heavily soiled clothing (mud, dirt, blood, paint)
  • Clothing with difficult-to-remove stains (wine, permanent marker, makeup, oil)
  • Denim 
  • Heavy Duty work clothing (mechanics, plumbers, etc)
  • Clothing with deep-set stains
  • Large loads, such as dirty bed linens/comforters or towels

When should I not use the PowerWash Cycle?

You should select a different wash cycle if:

  • The clothing that needs to wash is made of delicate fabrics that tear or wrinkle easily.
  • The wash cycle needs to be completed in a short amount of time. The PowerWash cycle can take up to two hours to complete. Use the RapidWash setting.
  • Clothing with fringe or beads.
  • You only have a small load of a few laundry items.
  • Clothing that “bleeds” bright colors when washed with hot water.
  • PowerWash is not a preset cycle on your washing machine; you can select the Extra Power setting to boost the washing machine’s cleaning power.

Final Thoughts

While the normal wash cycle is great for daily laundry chores, some loads require additional care.

For items that are heavily soiled and durable enough, a PowerWash cycle can provide a deep, penetrating clean through high-powered agitation and hot water.

High-speed spin cycles ensure that the clean clothing is optimally ready for drying.

For washers that lack a PowerWash cycle, check for a heavy-duty cycle or extra boosting cycles to make sure your clothing is clean and fresh.