How To Wash A Ruggable Rug 

While it would be nice if our rugs and carpets stayed squeaky clean every day – no matter what – that’s just not realistic.

Even incredible rugs like Ruggable rugs need to be washed and cleaned on a pretty routine basis to keep your floors (the rest of your home) looking tidy and comfy.

You might not have to wash a Ruggable as often as you wash your bed sheets, but at least once a month is pretty solid advice.

The folks at Ruggable understand that these floor coverings are going to get pretty dirty, with muddy footprints, spilled snacks and drinks, and maybe even some pet accidents every now and again.

That’s why they’ve made their products so easy to wash!

In the rest of this quick guide we run through all you need to know about how to wash a Ruggable – all different kinds of Ruggables – with as little effort as possible.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to safely clean all of your Ruggables with ease!

How to Wash a Ruggable

Washing Plush Ruggables

Plush Ruggables are some of the most popular products the company makes and also the easiest of the bunch to clean.

  • Pull the rug cover off of your Ruggable rug pad and flip it inside out
  • Put the inside out cover (the 100% washable cover) into your machine with cold water and mild detergents (no bleach!)
  • Run a quick cycle (15-20 minutes)
  • Air dry your washable cover, reassemble your Ruggable, and you’re good to go!

Washing Shag Ruggables

For shag Ruggables, follow the same steps as the plus Ruggables with one major exception – you can toss these rugs into your dyer without any worry!

It’s important that your dryer is set to low (or “fluff”) if you’re going to go in that direction, though. You can always air dry shack Ruggables if you don’t want to risk it.

Washing Chenille Ruggables

Chenille Ruggables are quick and easy to clean, too.

  • Remove the cover of the Ruggable from the main pad and flip it inside out
  • Stick the washable pad into your dryer and put it through a rinse-only cycle with no detergent
  • Follow that up (if necessary) with a second, short cycle with a mild (unbleached) detergent
  • Dry this kind of Ruggable in the dryer on low heat

Washing Faux Fur/Hide Ruggables

Always make sure that you are washing your faux fur and faux hide Ruggables inside out on the lowest and coldest possible setting of your washing machine.

In fact, it’s not a bad idea to make sure that these kind of Ruggables only ever get run on the “delicate” cycle.

Use a very mild detergent, no bleach or special cleaning agents, and run the whole thing through a full gentle cycle.

It’s really important that you make sure you don’t expose any of your faux fur or for hide Ruggables to high heat when you are drying things out.

You should also pull these kinds of Ruggables from the washer as soon the cycle finishes. Leave them in too long and they’ll crease permanently.

Washing Outdoor Ruggables

Outdoor Ruggables and doormats need to be swept and “beaten” until you get rid of as much surface dust, dirt, and grime from them as possible.

After that, you’ll want to pull the cover from the Ruggable and stick it into the washing machine with the design side facing out. You don’t have to turn these inside out.

Machine wash on a delicate cycle (using mild detergent) and then either air dry or tumble dry outdoor Ruggable options on the lowest heat setting possible.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it – everything you need to know about how to wash a Ruggable quickly, safely, and reliably.

Like we mentioned earlier, these things don’t have to be washed on a daily basis (or even on a weekly basis). These floor coverings are pretty tough and pretty durable.

If they start to get dirty or dingy looking, though, follow the directions outlined above and you’ll have them in just as good as brand-new condition in record time.