How To Wash Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are an essential piece of equipment for most golfers. They protect your hands from calluses and provide solid grips. But they eventually get dirty.

You will not only learn how to wash them but also make them more hygienic, but it will also promote a longer lifespan.

Most glove pairs will come with a tag that mentions the ideal conditions in which they should be cleaned. These include whether or not they can be machine washed, water temperature and if soap is actually required. Golf gloves tend to collect an unpleasant odor if they are not cared for properly.

Keep reading to learn the proper ways of washing a pair of gloves and why this could be something you want to do on a regular basis.

Why wash golf gloves?

The main reason is obviously hygiene, dirt and sweat can create a variety of bacterial infections over time, this can become detrimental to your health, and will eventually lead to the waste of a perfectly good pair of gloves.

Another reason to wash the gloves would be an extension of their lifespan.

If you keep the gloves clean, you can expect to get at least 100 rounds of wearing them per pair. This can be severely compromised if you do not wash them.

Can golf gloves be washed in a machine?

The pair of gloves you buy will have a tag attached that shows the ideal conditions necessary for washing.

Most synthetic gloves can be washed in a machine at a low-temperature setting.

Higher temperatures can cause the material to melt off. The hot water can also cause shrinkage in the gloves and they might not fit you afterward.

Leather gloves should not be washed in a machine; you should clean them with a wet cloth and leave them to dry off properly.

Hybrid gloves are generally more resilient relative to leather ones and you can wash them in a machine. Just make sure to keep the temperature low for these as well to prevent damage.

The tag will have the necessary information required for you to ensure safety.

How to keep golf gloves from smelling?

The first thing you want to do is to wash them regularly according to the guidelines.

Sometimes, gloves retain a particular odor even after they have been washed. This is because the user hasn’t allowed them to air out and dry properly.

Ensure that you store them in an airy and dry place without moisture to avoid this problem.

How to make golf gloves last longer?

The palm area is especially important as that is where a lot of the wear and tear occurs. Use non-abrasive clothing and mild detergents to wash them.

Do not dry them in a machine as this can cause tears within the fabric. Instead, try to let them air out.

The second thing to remember is that sweat tends to collect in the fingertip areas of the glove. Make sure you clean it regularly to avoid the gloves wearing out around the edges.

Many people make the mistake of cleaning the glove but not the inside of the fingertip specifically.

Another measure I would encourage is to wipe down your gloves with a spare towel whenever you’re playing as this minimizes sweat collection and you can clean up the traces afterward.


Cleaning golf gloves is quite beneficial and even though it is a simple process, many users underestimate its importance.

Giving them the proper attention will ensure that you are able to make good returns on the money that you have spent.